installed XP, now need HELP?

  agostini 09:01 28 Jan 2006

Hi i was using win ME,I have 2xHDD.I have just installed Win XP.. Question! How do i access my 2nd Drive?


Ago :@)

  andrew-196854 09:16 28 Jan 2006

did you install xp on the drive that had windows me on it ,or on the second drive?????

  agostini 09:19 28 Jan 2006

Hi dibblydufuss Both drives had ME on. just don't know how to access 2nd drive?

  andrew-196854 09:24 28 Jan 2006

ok try this click start and then right mouse click my computer then click manage, then click disk management,to see if its in there. by the way i take it your jumpers are set up right are they hope this helps

  agostini 17:48 28 Jan 2006

Still need help Please,,,,
XP recoconises my other HDD but how do i access it and boot????

  DieSse 17:51 28 Jan 2006

You want to boot into ME on the other drive?

You could change the boot order in the BIOS.

Is there any special reason you want to actually boot the second drive, or do you just want to access the data on it?

  mattyc_92 17:52 28 Jan 2006

Have you checked the "jumper settings" for each drive?

  DieSse 17:53 28 Jan 2006

PS - why did you have two drives with ME on?

Are you sure you did have two drives with ME on - or was the second drive just for storage?

  agostini 17:55 28 Jan 2006

Hi DieSse yes i want to be able to boot into other drive that is ME. but also because it has a lot of files i need,


  agostini 17:59 28 Jan 2006

(1) not cheked jumpers as all was ok until XP install.

DieSse... One was for my own use, the other for kids etc

  DieSse 18:02 28 Jan 2006

If you go into the BIOS you will probably be able to change the system to boot from the second hard drive.

Or you can set up dual-booting click here

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