Installed XP hard drive space

  bdub 07:19 12 Dec 2003

I gave my son XP to install over windows 98.he now only had about 3 gbs of space on a 15 gb hdd.
I wasnt there for the installation,could he have created a new partition?none of the old stuff is on the computer but something is filling the hard drive,can I fix it without a clean install?
Thanks in anticipation

  LeadingMNMs 07:21 12 Dec 2003

what format is the drive FAT or NTFS ?

  User-312386 08:31 12 Dec 2003

the question is did he do a clean install?

or did he just pop the disc in and UPGRADE?

I you have a full XP disc and not an UPGRADE one, then i would restart, when you hear the first beep on computer start tapping the Delete key. This will take you in the BIOS, you have to find the boot sequence, set the CD-ROM/CD-RW drive to first boot.

Now save the settings and exit.

Next you will be presented with a screen to format drives/partition. If there are 2 partitions, delete the second one.

Now format the Drive in NTFS and carry out a full format.

The computer will then restart and take you through the XP set up


  LeadingMNMs 13:41 12 Dec 2003

but you will lose all of the files already on the HDD.

  Quiller. 15:11 12 Dec 2003

As LeadingMNMs says, if you boot from cdrom and format the drive you will loose everything. Drivers, patches files the lot.

It would seem that the upgrade path has been taken. To start with go to add and remove programmes and delete the win98 backup files. This will take the option of reverting back to 98 away.If X\P is running smoothly and all your peripherals are working. This should free-up 200 to 300Mb's.

  bdub 19:12 12 Dec 2003

I had about 12 gbs to find from somewhere.....anyway I have formatted and started again.Moral dont let the kid install his os.

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