Installed Video card for 2nd monitor - Still no luck! Help needed?

  buel 18:40 21 Feb 2015

Hi, I have a Dell Vostro 200, running on XP, which I usually run one monitor from, plugged in to the VGA 'Intergrated video connector'at the rear of the Dell.

Today, I purchased a 'NVIDIAGEFORCE 210' graphics card, installed it, installed the software from the CD, plugged in my second monitor to the VGA socket in the graphics card, and now upon retsart I get the following message:

System halted!
Attention: Unsupported Video Configuration Detected

Action is Required

This computer has an add-in graphics card, but the monitor is plugged into the integrated video connector.
To attach the monitor cable to the add-in graphics card:

1. Shut down the computer
2. Plug the monitor cable into the add-in graphics card connector.
This may require a video adapter or video adapter cable.
(provided with the system)
3. Turn on the computer.

This message should not appear after completing these steps.
For more information or help, please refer to the system documentation.

Now the monitor plugged in to my 'old' VGA socket is on and working but the monitor plugged in to the VGA socket in the graphics card wont come on? When I go to Control Panel, Display, only one monitor shows?

Please can I have some help here?

  buel 18:50 21 Feb 2015

Just to clarify, if I unplug the monitor from the 'old' VGA connector and turn the PC off and plug it in to the 'new' VGA on the graphics card and restart, the monitor works fine. And the same goes vice-versa, I just cant get both mintors working at the same time, if that makes sense, please?

  buel 19:13 21 Feb 2015

Update: When I restart with both monitors plugged in, the monitor connected to the old VGA port is on and the other is not. However, if I restart and unplug this, the monitor connected to the VGA port on the graphics card is on.

I just cant get both to work at the same time.

Hope this makes it clearer!

  Secret-Squirrel 19:29 21 Feb 2015

Sorry to disappoint you, but you'll never get two monitors working that way.

What other ports are available on your new graphics card? Is one a DVI-I? If so then you can get a cheap adapter to convert it to a VGA port and you could then connect your second monitor to that to give you dual-monitor support. If you don't know the specs for the card you just bought then post a link to it here.

  wee eddie 19:33 21 Feb 2015

What other Ports are there on your new Graphics Card?

  buel 19:36 21 Feb 2015

Ah thanks guys, there is a HDMI and DVI port. So go buy an adaptor then?

  buel 19:38 21 Feb 2015

This is the card I have: click here

  Secret-Squirrel 19:57 21 Feb 2015

"This is the card I have"

That's relief then as its DVI port is of the DVI-I type.

DVI-I (integrated) carries an analogue signal which can be used to drive a VGA monitor.

DVI-D is more common nowadays but it's digital-only and won't do what you want.

You need to buy a DVI-I-to-VGA adapter - like this. It shouldn't cost you more than a few pounds.

Or, if one of your monitors is HDMI or DVI capable then use that instead of VGA and forget about the adapter.

So basically, both monitors need to be connected to your new card.

1]: [click here

  BRYNIT 19:58 21 Feb 2015

I think the problem it that On board and the graphics card are conflicting with each other I'm not sure if there is a setting in the bois that would allow both to work together.

The GeForce 210 card will allow you to connect two monitors these can be connected via VGA-DVI, VGA-HDMI, DIV-HDMI the Nvadia control panel program you may have installed with the card will allow you to extend the desktop between the two monitors this will allow you to drag a program from the main monitor to the extended monitor. You should also be able to duplicate the main monitor. Note you will find that the display may be distorted if the two monitors do not have the same resolution.

  wee eddie 20:23 21 Feb 2015

From memory: Once you have both Monitors plugged in to the Graphics Card, Windows XP should allow you to chose which is your 1st and 2nd Monitor, showing different screens.

  buel 21:24 21 Feb 2015

Thank youi all, I shall buy the adaptor! That has really helped me out! Thank you!!

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