Installed sound card and now speakers are hissing

  Si_L 13:24 17 Aug 2009

I installed a PCI soundcard into my system, and then went into the BIOS and disabled the onboard audio. I loaded up a video to test it out and it worked ok for about 30 seconds and then started hissing constantly. I have checked the drivers, they are up to date. My pc is running Vista.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  Stuartli 14:22 17 Aug 2009

Firstly, did you try installing the sound card's drivers again?

Secondly, have you connected the speakers to the correct output socket (normally green)?

Thirdly, by checking on the Volume icon in the Notification bar, are the relevant sliders at or near maximum setting?

  crosstrainer 14:29 17 Aug 2009

Make and model of new sound car
d will help us :))

  wee eddie 16:07 17 Aug 2009

Try turning the Volume down.

  Stuartli 16:56 17 Aug 2009

Hissing is usually a sign of earthing or low input levels.

Also try your sound card in another PCI slot.

  Si_L 02:08 18 Aug 2009

Thanks for the replys, I tried all of the suggestions, and rang the place I got it from and it sounds like a faulty card, so I will getting a refund. Not to worry, thanks for the help though.

  Stuartli 09:01 18 Aug 2009

No pun intended presumably...:-)

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