installed RAID card now cd & dvd roms not working

  User-498DB432-30A7-4FC5-B65F3A4738DB7CB4 13:54 08 Sep 2003

I installed a RAID card & have connected two hard drives to channel 1 & a third to channel 2 but since then I can`t get my cd & dvd rom drives to work (they are still attached to the IDE slot on the motherboard).
i have checked the master/slave settings & cables & they are ok.

For example, when I insert a vcd disc in either drive, it will spin up & that`s about it...I will generally get a message telling me that media player is not responding & wait quite a while for the ctrl-alt-del option to become available & usually I end up having to reboot the computer.

If i try to open the disc with another program i will get the message that there is no disc in the drive.

I am wondering if it could be a power issue as I didn`t have this problem untill I added the extra hard drive?

  Rayuk 18:24 08 Sep 2003

Are they being recognised in Device Manager.

Can you swap the raid card to another slot.

What power supply do you have

Both DVD rom & cd rom is in device manager..I did remove them & restarted the computer in case there was a problem with them.

I did move the RAID card to another PCI slot but that did not make any diference.

I am using a 350W PSU.

One thing I have noticed is that the computer has become very unstable & tends to "hang"

  Rayuk 19:43 08 Sep 2003

Try it without the 3rd drive again if you can.
If it then works ok looks as if you were right in the first place.

It all depends on the quality of the psu if it is just a cheapo one that may be the problem.

  SEASHANTY 19:53 08 Sep 2003

Have the drive letters for your CD-ROM and DVD drives changed? Maybe the media player cannot find them if they have. Its quite possible if you have installed new hard drives.

Yes the drives have moved up one letter but that didn`t cause a problem for Media Player or the computer in general when I originally added a 2nd hard drive but it`s not just media player that has trouble opening films or music.

Cyberlink dvd player & power player, DIVX also do not play.

I don`t think it`s a program problem...More a hardware or human error problem.

  graham√ 20:09 08 Sep 2003

Double-check all cables at both ends. Check any short-cuts are pointing to the correct drive letter.

Graham, all cables & jumpers have been checked.There was the odd shortcut problem when I initially installed the 3rd hard drive.

but it`s with the rom drives that I am having the problems.

  SEASHANTY 20:36 08 Sep 2003

Has the third hard drive hi-jacked the DMA channel that your CD-ROM drive was using? Look in system information for any conflicts. DMA channels do not like sharing unlike IRQ's.

Fixed, I changed the IDE cables over on the RAID card & all drives are working, though the computer seems a bit slower than before the third hard drive was installed

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