Installed programmes vanished!

  Duncanf 14:40 04 May 2004

I'm in the middle of another thread which involved uninstalling ZoneAlarm. I uses add/remove programmes in Control Panel and completed uninstall. I went back into add/remove to check if ZoneAlarm was away to find there were NO programmes in the box! I never clicked on any others when removing Zone Alarm. Have I lost Word and Publisher etc???????
I tried to open a document and a message said it wasn't installed!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:52 04 May 2004

Recycle bin?


  Stuartli 15:44 04 May 2004

Do you have TweakUI or PowerToys installed?

  mammak 15:50 04 May 2004

Duncanf i myself uninstalled zonealarm just this avi'
not nearly as bad as your problem if related at all to the uninstall' but all the contents of my favourites folder have vanished' and they are not in the recycle bin i wonder? Regards Mammak.

  Stuartli 15:54 04 May 2004

If you have XP have you tried a System Restore?

Microsoft warns that: "Caution. When you click Change or Remove, some programs may be removed without prompting you further."

  Duncanf 15:54 04 May 2004

Thanks to all who have been helping me!
The programmes are not in the recycle bin.
I don't have eithe Tweak UI or PowerToys installed.
Should I try?

  Duncanf 15:57 04 May 2004

I'm on Windows ME, Stuartli....and I tried System Restore earlier to find it wouldn't allow a restoration!
Oh dear!

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