Installed non-epson cart, NOW COLORS ARE WRONG!?

  Muckleface 15:03 31 Aug 2003


Ive just installed a non-epson ink cartridge into my Epson 900, it went in fine, charged up fine but now Ive just printed a photo out and all the colours are wrong?!

Whats happened?


  -pops- 15:20 31 Aug 2003

Perhaps the inks have been filled into the wrong tanks. How wrong are the colours. Can you print a test page?

  Muckleface 15:28 31 Aug 2003

Looking at my picture closely, it seems that the blues have come out as yellows!


  Muckleface 15:30 31 Aug 2003

Ive just printed a test page of the little lines (like a musical scale) and the colours have come out correctly, (left to right) black, blue, red, yellow, blue, red.


  BigAl127 15:33 31 Aug 2003

Is it a tri-colour cartridge ? Could be the blue is blocked or dried up round the nozzle.

I've had the problem in the past with new cartridges, contacted the supplier who have happily exchanged the cartridge.

  Muckleface 15:34 31 Aug 2003

How bizzare!

Ive just printed out the picture again and the colours are fine!

Not sure whats happened but seems to be ok now, panic over.

Thanks anyways!


  BigAl127 15:38 31 Aug 2003

That proves my theory wrong then :-(

  Smiler 15:38 31 Aug 2003

Probably one of the colours hadn't got through to the nozzles and that affected the output. Some compatables recomend two or three cleaning cycles before actualy using for printing. WHSmiths do for example.

  -pops- 15:39 31 Aug 2003

If you hesitate while installing Epson cartridges, it is possible to break the seal before the cartridge is properly seated. In these circumstances it is possible (just) that a few drops of ink my dribble into the wrong place. With you doing a cleaning procedure, this has cleared and everything is now OK.

Just a thought.

  spuds 20:25 31 Aug 2003

Could be possible that your supplier, had a 'uncleaned' cartridge.Possible jets still contaminated from original ink and shelf life.

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