Installed new memory but seems no faster

  chocolatejo987 07:10 29 Aug 2007

I'm a bit of a novice, but was fed up of my PCs slowness (as it gets older and fuller!).

Someone said that the 256 memory was too small, and no wonder it was grinding to a halt.

So I bought an extra 1gb, and installed it this morning. Nothing seems any better (so far).

The instructions said to have the larger memory in slot 0, so I took the original one out, and put the new on in that slot, and the old one in the other slot (I presumed the original slot was 0).

What's gone wrong? Were my expectations wrong?

  Technotiger 07:18 29 Aug 2007

Hi, run the scan from Crucial click here this will tell you if there is any problem with your Memory. For instance, did you buy the correct type to match what you already have? Also try your new 1Gb on its own to see if that makes any noticeable difference.

  chocolatejo987 07:37 29 Aug 2007

Thanks, I used that scanner to purchase my memroy and bought it from crucial so I'm guessing it's right! The scanner came up with 1.25gb total, so I'm also guessing its installed right.

  Technotiger 07:41 29 Aug 2007

Yes, it is, maybe your expectations were a bit high - however, you should still see a marked improvement in some things, like web-pages loading quicker and perhaps games also running quicker. Also, but less noticeable, you should be able to run multiple jobs at the same time.

  Technotiger 07:45 29 Aug 2007

Another thing that can help to speed things up is to regularly run programs like CCleaner click here also your normal Anti-virus program, and Ad-Aware ... and any other such programs of your own choice - all these things help to keep a PC running mean-and-lean!

  Technotiger 07:50 29 Aug 2007

Me again - just had another thought. You said (as it gets older and fuller) .. how full? Perhaps you also need a larger capacity Hard Drive, or perhaps an additional external USB drive. Lots of processes/programs need unused space on the hard drive for proper operation, so if your hard drive is getting full this could also slow things down.

External USB hard drives are quite cheap these days - about £50 - £65 for a 400-500Gb.

  chocolatejo987 07:51 29 Aug 2007

Thanks for your help. I use Ccleaner already and adaware.....I was hoping for things like Word to be faster, and to work more easily from mulitple programs...will have to keep trying things to see if I find a difference.

Thanks again

  Batch 11:50 29 Aug 2007

What spec is your original PC?

E.g. Processor, hard drive capacity, operating system.

I wouldn't have thought it would be so old if it will accept >1GB of memory.

Do you know that it has actually recognised the new memory?

As well as using Ccleaner, you should try defragging your disk.

Do you have lots of apps that run at startup (and eat memory / Cpu cycles)?

If you are just using Word on its own, adding more memory probably won't make much difference unless you are working with large docs.

For comparison I have a 1.1Ghz Athlon, which originally came with 256MB and a 20GB disk. Adding more memory (upto 512MB) made a noticeable difference, but going to 768MB wouldn't help much (any?) more. I use Word a lot and its fine with this set-up.

The one other thing that made a real difference was re-installing the OS (originally I re-installed ME and subsequently bought XP and installed that). There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, a on a re-instal you end up with a cleaner OS set-up (esp if you only install the necessary bits). Then when you only install the apps that you need (and try to avoid things that run at startup). That way you end up with a leaner, cleaner system. Believe me it really does make a difference.

  chocolatejo987 17:40 29 Aug 2007

I will give the info I can:

(Reading the sticker on the front)
2.30 GHz
Emachines with Windows XP
80GB hard drive
256 MB built in memory (I added 1gb which has been recognised)
Intel Celeron

I use the computer mainly for the internet, word processing and watching programmes (mainly using 4od). I particulary noticed that 4od was very slow to load each is perhaps a bit better but not what I had hoped.
I download/open a lot of word documents and adobe documents and they seem slow to open from the internet - I was hoping this would get faster.

  Technotiger 18:12 29 Aug 2007

Hmm, 4od and downloading pdf documents does need a fairly powerful PC, even then pdf documents will still be quite slow to download. This is normal.

If you would like to do a little trial, download one of these pdf mags, I suggest the June or July mags - time how long it takes, then come back and tell us how long it took to download one mag. I would guess it would take your pc about five minutes, or maybe a little bit more.

click here

  chocolatejo987 18:18 29 Aug 2007

I did June issue as it was basically instant - all 24 pages seemed to be there. So maybe my computer is fine and I was hoping for something a bit much!

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