Installed new HDD but something is wrong please help!

  shadaboot27 11:53 16 Dec 2014

Hi, my computer originally had a 500gb 2.5'' Sata HDD which is the primary drive but it was not big enough for what I needed. I bought a second hand Western Digital 3.5" 2TB SATA HDD and installed it as a secondary drive. I connected all the cables correctly but after installing it the drive would not show up in my computer so i went to disk management and re allocated and formatted it. After this it said i needed to restart the computer so I did but then this is where the problems began. every time I restart the computer windows does not load, even if I unplug the 2tb HDD and just have the original 500gb one plugged in. A black screen comes up that says "Please select the boot device:" There is only one option which says "CD/DVD TSSTcorp DVD ROM SH 118BB" If I press enter it just says "No bootable device, press any key to go back..." and this happens every time I restart the computer no matter what HDD is plugged in. Now I put a windows disc in and booted from that, I then formatted the 2TB HDD again and installed windows on it. Once it was installed it was working fine again and this time the 2TB HDD was the primary drive and the 500gb one was the secondary drive. I thought I had fixed it so I installed all the drivers but when I went to restart the computer again I get the same problem of it not loading windows. This is so annoying can someone please help me!

I am using windows 7 Ultimate.

I have a custom built gaming PC that I bought second hand (i did not build it)

the specs are:

MSI - 760gm am3+ motherboard AMD - fx 4350 quad core black edition 4.2 ghz unlocked to 5.2ghz CORSAIR - vengeance 4gb ram (neon blue with cooling fans ) CORSAIR - c430 WATT power supply XFX HD 7770 - 1gb ddr5 graphics card LITEON - sata disc drive , cd / dvd / cdrw /

And the HDD's I am using are:

Western Digital WD2002FYPS 3.5" 2TB

Western Digital WD5000BVVT 2.5" 500GB

Please can someone help?! I have lots of work to get done but can't until I fix this!

Thanks in advance.

  Jollyjohn 13:17 16 Dec 2014

As computer starts tap Del or F2 to get into BIOS / Setup and carefully check that the computer is trying to boot from the correct hard drive. There may be more than one place to check - Boot order and Hard drive priority, or similar.

Details of your BIOS would help be more specific.

I think the PC is trying to boot from the wrong hard drive.. Do check the Primary hard drive is on SATA0 and the secondary on SATA1

  shadaboot27 15:36 16 Dec 2014

Hi, thanks for the reply. I did try going into BIOS and setting the 2tb hdd to be the first one to boot but I still get the same problem, and I did save the changes. Would it help if I posted some pictures of the BIOS menu to show you?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:59 16 Dec 2014

Make sure the original drive is plugged in to the lowest numbered sata port and the power cable is attached.

  shadaboot27 18:22 16 Dec 2014

I have some info that may help. Before I put the 500gb HDD in the computer had 3x 2.5'' drives. So there are cables for 3 hard drives. Does it make a difference which cables you use to plug the drives in? Do they have to be in a certain order?

  Jollyjohn 12:30 17 Dec 2014

YES. Remove all the cables and plug 1 into the lowest numbered SATA port. Boot and ensure PC is OK.

Shut down and add second hard drive, leave a space on the SATA ports if you can. Go into BIOS and see what is listed.

SATA0 - Primary hard drive - W7 SATA1 - empty SATA2 - secondary hard drive

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