installed msgtag but no notification

  march 16:17 15 Jun 2005

have installed msgtag and e-mails are being sent & received ok

the msgtag message saying

'msgtag has notified the sender that this message has been received,is on the e-mails but I am not getting notification'

any ideads why this is?

as the site is in the restricted zone in I.E. would that have anything to do with it?


  Jackcoms 16:21 15 Jun 2005

If you are using the free version and have sent a single e-mail to multiple recipients, you will not receive a notification. You've got to buy the upgrade version for that to happen.

Alternatively, if you have sent an e-mail to a company with a incoming/outgoing firewall, that firewall may have blocked the msgtag confirmation from being sent back to you.

  march 16:30 15 Jun 2005

hello Jackcoms

yes am using free version, not sending to multiple recipents, firewall not causing it either,

tried sending to myself & other accounts using it & had a look on 'help' in msgtag but no joy there,

any other ideas?

  Jackcoms 16:40 15 Jun 2005

I assume that you have set it up so that 'Tagging is On'. Alternatively, this is taken from the MSGTAG FAQs:

"It may be an incompatibility with some aspect of the recipient's mail configuration. While MSGTAG works reliably in almost all situations, some e-mail clients, firewall and mail configurations may be incompatible with MSGTAG-enabled emails.

A small number of email users have text-only email clients, which do not trigger tagged messages due to the fact that MSGTAG relies on an embedded image in the tagged message. Some email security products designed to filter out spam and viruses also inadvertently block the tags produced by MSGTAG.

Don't worry, this will not stop the recipient from receiving your email!"

  march 16:46 15 Jun 2005

yep, set up all ok, thats why I tried to myself first,use to use msgtag before & never had a problem with it thats why I wonder if its something to do with the site being in the restricted zone in I.E

maybe way off here but do you think that it needs to be remove from the zone first before it would send notification?

  Jackcoms 17:09 15 Jun 2005

You're probably right. MSGTAG is NOT in my restricted sites.

Also, I'm using XP SP2 and I've just looked in Security Centre. Under Windows Firewall, MSGTAG is in the 'Exceptions' - that is the programs which the firewall will NOT block.

  march 17:13 15 Jun 2005

ok Jackcoms

have to leave this for a while;

will remove from the zone & try again

will post later on this to let you know if it works

thanks to you for now


  bretsky 18:19 15 Jun 2005

march, don't be to alarmed as I too have the paid for version MSGTAG+ ,and a couple of weeks ago I thought the program wasn't working, so I was sending emails to myself as tests and normally you get a notification after about 5/10 Min's, well on this particular occasion nothing was happening, then all of a sudden after a couple of hours I received all notifications at once, and the time sent and received stated 4 Min's, so it could be a server glitch, also one of my friends says that my emails end up in his spam box which I think is something to do with the tagging system, his ISP is NTL, my ISP is W/Doo.

You will find, not all email you send you receive a notification, as Jackcoms said, some ISPs firewall the tags, so this can be a little frustrating at times.

bretsky ;0)

  march 18:59 15 Jun 2005

spot on bretsky,

had to leave this for a while (been about 1hr or so)came back and all the tests I had sent to myself had received notification,

did not have to remove the site from I.E restricted site zone,

all is working fine now;just find this such a handy little program, really pleased I've got it back & working

thanks to Jackcoms and yourself for your suggestions,time & help

march x

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