Installed Ink cartridge cannot be recognised...

  TBOM 19:30 26 Sep 2006

I have an Epson Stylus Photo R200 and have been using non OEM compatible ink cartridges for some time now with absolutely no problems. However, the Yellow ran out completely about a week ago and I removed it. I have just replaced it with a new (non - OEM) one and I now get the message "Installed Ink cartridge cannot be recognised..." so the thing won't print at all!!

This never happened before and I think it may be down to the fact that I left the cartridge slot empty for a week or so and it has dried right up, therefore not allowing the printer to recognise a new cartridge at all.

Any suggestions? Failing that - any advice on how to print in just B&W on this thing?
Many thanks,

  postie24 19:46 26 Sep 2006

hi there it wont be because you left the cartridge out for a week.are you using the printer menu on the printer to replace the cartridge? if yes,i had this prob with using the ink out menu on comp screen you should be able to install the cartridge ok

  TBOM 19:58 26 Sep 2006

Actually, I am using the Epson on screen menu on my computer, there isn't a menu on the printer itself. Thanks anyway.

Any other suggestions please?

  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:12 26 Sep 2006

Could try this
click here

  Gongoozler 20:33 26 Sep 2006

You may find that the only way to get round this is to try another cartridge of a different brand. I always buy mine from Choice Stationery click here, and have never had a problem.

It's not a good idea to leave an Epson printer without a cartridge fitted. The residual ink can dry in the head, and if that happens the chances of getting that colour to work again are slim.

  BT 07:49 27 Sep 2006

I sometimes get this with compatible cartridges. Try cleaning the chip connections with a dry cloth. I usually find that if I get a 'Cartridge not recognised' message swutching the printer off and on again usually gets it working.

  TBOM 09:04 27 Sep 2006

...still no response. I think I'll buy a genuine Epson cartridge to see if I can jump start it back to life....what do people thinbk about that idea?

  postie24 16:29 27 Sep 2006

hi can change the ink using the lcd sreen on printer,thats what i meant when i said printer scroll down to ink replacement.but like i said using that method sometimes doesnt work.try click here computer media.i buy all my ink from there for the R300.never had a prob with their ink

  postie24 16:31 27 Sep 2006

sorry just realised you have R200 printer without screen.still check out the above web site

  postie24 16:32 27 Sep 2006

its called maximans inkjet.the above link isnt working

  Smiler 16:50 27 Sep 2006

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