Installed Epson Drivers and lost Search Function.

  ened 06:48 12 Oct 2013

I have an annoying problem because I have loads of pictures spread over eight Hard Drives.

Since I installed drivers for my Epson printer the Automatic Search function has stopped. When I open My Computer and type a file name into the search box nothing happens. If I open a specific drive it finds the file (or not) in question.

Clicking on Start and using the search function there seems to be Hit or Miss. Yesterday I had a file open in Photoshop and pasted the name into the box and it came up with No Results.

In Services the Search is set to Automatic.

So now, if I want to find a file or copy of one I have to search each indivigual drive.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:08 12 Oct 2013
  ened 16:55 12 Oct 2013

I tried that.

First of all 'No Problem Detected'

Tried resetting Windows Search but still no joy!

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