Installation of Windows XP on 14 PCs!

  QueenBee 22:47 02 Aug 2003

I have been asked to do a fresh install of Windows XP on 14 PCs. Initially I intended to set one system up completely and then Ghost it across to the others which are connected through a peer-to-peer network (all systems are identical in terms of hardware). This was particularly attractive since I also have to reinstall all software applications. My problem is that the Windows XP licences are all individual although there are group licences for the likes of Office etc. Does anyone have any suggestions on how best I can achieve this without setting each computer up individually? This is going to turn out to be a very long job otherwise!

  powerless 22:53 02 Aug 2003

Well you cannot not do that. You have to buy each XP for one computer and not one XP for 14 computers...

  Steven135 23:00 02 Aug 2003

I would contact microsoft and ask their advice.

  VoG II 23:03 02 Aug 2003

I don't think that you can do this either - what about activation?

  QueenBee 23:05 02 Aug 2003

Sorry if I didn't make it clear ... Windows XP Professional has been purchased for each computer. I have 14 disks and 14 serial numbers - I just don't want to have to sit and install it 14 times and then configure it 14 times with each of the 4 necessary user accounts and then install (14 times over) Microsoft Office, Adobe PhotoShop, CorelDraw ... etc etc. All the software applications have volume licences to cover all the computers so there is no problem with Ghosting them but does anyone know how to overcome the problem of inserting the XP serial numbers at the point of installation?

  jimv7 23:49 02 Aug 2003

Yes, on the xp support disk that you would have had, in tools, there is a file called 'sysprep', which removes the registration number.

1st, install xp to 1 computer with its reg number.

Then run 'sysprep' that will remove all traces of the registration, back to a clean install.

Then, use ghost to take an image of the hard drive.

Use that image to load all your computers, using the individual registration numbers to log on.

  QueenBee 00:01 03 Aug 2003

I found the Support Tools about half an hour ago but you've saved me loads of time in trying to find the right bit of the Corporate Deployment Tools User's Guide!

I was sure it could be done, thanks so much for your help :)

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