Installation of Vista

  [email protected] 13:36 25 Apr 2007

I have Windows XP Home and I am considering upgrading to Vista.Can Vista be installed over the top of XP without causing problems or does XP have to be uninstalled first?Don`t want to cause myself grief.

  tnazgul 13:42 25 Apr 2007

I wouldn't overwrite XP (just yet) until vista has all bugs fixed. I personally have both XP and Vista on separate drives so if your budget extends to it buy a new hard disk and install on that. If you do want to install over XP then you are better off re-formatting the drive first. I have always reformatted before upgrading systems.

  Kate B 15:23 25 Apr 2007

Vista isn't buggy, it's very stable and a delight to use though you might have issues with driver and software compatibility. Dual booting for a couple of weeks isn't a bad idea if you want to hedge against that, but it's belt-and-braces. Oh, and on a pedantic point, nothing, certainly not an operating system, will ever have "all bugs fixed".

  tnazgul 22:22 25 Apr 2007

Driver and software compatability is what I was driving at...Still a fair bit to do..but agreed it is a good system.

  Totally-braindead 22:24 25 Apr 2007

I couldn't get Vista to work properly so reverted to XP. Had to do a clean install both times as the upgrade wouldn't work at all.

  keverne 22:29 25 Apr 2007

Check your system with Vista Upgrade Advisor click here

That should warn you of any obstacles.

  theDarkness 03:30 26 Apr 2007

i would wait a while so that driver issues are resolved, but then it all depends on what you mainly use your pc for- id guess youve probably checked the websites of your fave programs to make sure what you want to use still works in vista :) ill probably wait a good year or so before rechecking to see whether drivers have all been updated and the majority of software companies have bothered to use the capabilities of vista, but from what ive read so far it seems that vista is hardly a revolutionary step- just another small windows update, slightly more efficient with minor cosmetic and search features. it seems there are an awful lot of people wanting to stick with xp according to recent news headlines.

windows no longer list application compatibility, and now want you to download the app compat toolkit! not sure if theres a fee involved for the full thing...
click here

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