Installation of Slave Drive to new PC

  Durko 14:53 14 Feb 2004

How difficult is it to remove an existing hard drive currently using Win 98 se from my old pc and then install to new pc running Win XP Home Edition already installed. I have no USB ports installed on the tower of the old pc if that's any help.

Basically,is it possible to transfer the HD from old pc and install in new pc as what I think they call a slave or secondary drive?

Very simple instructions would be appreciated.

  Rennaissance 14:58 14 Feb 2004

whatr are you trying to do? Move the datafrom the windows 98 harddrive, to your new pc's harddrive? If that is so, then i would connect the old hdd to the new pc as slave and copy it over using some software.

  anon1 15:03 14 Feb 2004

It is possible to do as you wish. It is not that easy but a little time and thought should see you through. The first thing to check is that you have the cables that you need. Usually the cd rom ribbon cable has a spare plug within its length and of course there should be a spare power lead plug. For optimum set up it is best NOT to have both hard drives sharing the same ribbon cable but rather add the second drive to the cd cable. You must set the set drive jumpers to slave or cs otherwise the pc will either fail to see the drive or fail to boot. One of the good things about xp is that you can easily transfer data from your old drive to the new one if you wish too. If you want to read a bit first click here
Hope that helps

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