Installation Problem - Radeon 9800 Pro

  steve587 08:17 31 Jul 2003

I have recently purchased a Radeon 9800 Pro (replacement for Geforce 4 440, but am having serious problems getting it to run on my PC.

Current system;-
Motherboard MSI KT4V - Via 400 chipset
Processor Athlon 2100+ (1.7 Gb)
Ram 1024 Mb DDR
Operating System Windows 98

NVIDIA drivers removed (Nvidia folder still in recycle bin - should it be deleted completely??).

Having physically installed the new card, I am experiencing a series of problems;-

(1) Card is powered and presumably working O.K. - cooling fan starts on PC start up;
(2) Have been able to install ATI drivers, with a struggle (although on some occasions this did not appear to be the case - error message receieved that ATI Control Panel not loaded or not working, however, now appears stable)
(3) Monitor settings appear to recognise new card - colours set at True Colour (32 bit): monitor confirms using Radeon 9800 Pro; resolution set at 1280 x 768 (max available is 1280x 1024 - should it be more than this, or is this monitor restricted??)
(4) Unable to access Advanced Settings - when pressing advanced button, receive the folowing blue screen error;-
A fatal exception error OD has occurred at 0028:C1AC80FC in VXD ATICDS32(01) + 0000075C
The current application will be terminated

Similarly, when accessing troubleshooting from ATI Control Panel and working through the help sections where selecting the Advanced Tab is required, a similar message is displayed, although variations on the error message are evident at the 0028:C1****** part.
(5) I have attempted to check the Direct X attributes using dxdiag, but lock-ups occur when attempting to run the Direct Draw Test - black + white rectangles freeze and computer will not re-start without switching off
Direct 3D Test - only a frozen white rectangle on a blackscreen - need to re-start as above.
(6) Unable to run 3DMark 2001 - on selecting, PC freezes
(7) No games will start - tried Unreal Tournament; Medal of Honour; C&C Renegade

Can anyone provide any suggestions ?

  temp003 08:56 31 Jul 2003

Do you know what speed the card is running at? If it's 8x, try running it at 4x.

The VIA KT400 chipset does not always run 8x smoothly.

Go into BIOS CMOS Settings, Advanced Chipset Features, AGP Timing Control.

AGP Mode: If it's 8x or Auto, try setting it to 4x. Restart to see if it runs OK.

If not, go back into AGP Timing Control and disable AGP Fast Write, if enabled.

  Jean-Luc Picard 09:29 31 Jul 2003

Did you install the drivers from a disk or from the web? It seems that your problem is a driver problem or a hard ware conflict most prbably the drivers. Remove all graphic drivers uninstall your card and reinstall card and load latest drivers from the web and not you disk and see if that works. I would have thought there was little point in spending £300 pounds on a graphics cars then running it at 4x.

  hugh-265156 11:00 31 Jul 2003

i noticed you said you have 1024 Mb DDR Operating System Windows 98.

try it with 512 memory.

  steve587 08:18 01 Aug 2003

The problem was I had installed extra RAM at the same time as the card, taking me above the 512MB limit of Win 98. Removed the excess,running just 512MB(PC2700) and everything is now O.K. 3DMark 2001 score 12,072.

Thanks to everyone who bothered to respond

  temp003 08:32 01 Aug 2003

Well spotted.

  The Transporter 10:43 01 Aug 2003

If you want to use a 1GB of ram, do this trick.

Go into the system.ini file. it is in the c:\windows\system\ folder

Open it with Notepad.

Make a back up before hand. Just copy it to another area of folder on your pc.

scroll down and find a part that says Vcache. it will have a gap under it.

put this in




if it comes out different when i posted the max is on a new line below the Min.

Then save and reboot.

Then all should run fine.

If for some reason it doesn't just copy back your backup system.ini file and then reboot. and go back to one stick of ram.


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