Installation of Norton Internet Security 2006

  Pine Man 12:00 16 Nov 2005

I often read of people having problems with Norton products and I have just bought NIS 2006 and want to replace NIS 2004.

Should I completely uninstall NIS 2004 first or can I install NIS 2006 on top of it and retain the settings etc?

I have checked the documentation and Symantecs web site but cannot find the answer.

  Skyver 12:02 16 Nov 2005

Just try it - the installer ought to be set up to `see` the older install, it may give you the option to uninstall the older one, or just go straight over the top by default.

  Pine Man 13:13 16 Nov 2005

Thanks for your reply skyver I will probably do as you say but just wondered whether anybody had actually come across any problems. I probably worry too much!

  wee eddie 13:39 16 Nov 2005

I have just done it and had to Uninstall and do these things before I could successfully install.

Clear the Temp File in IE.


Make a Restore Point.

Otherwise all went well, albeit it took rather longer than I expected.

Now appears to be running nicely.

  Pine Man 14:36 16 Nov 2005

Just to clarify;

You say you had to uninstall and do the three things before you could successfully install. Do you mean you had to uninstall 2006 because you hadn't done the three things first and your installation failed or you had to uninstall the old system before you did the three things?

Sorry to split hairs but as you can see from my original thread I want to find out if it's necessary to uninstall the old system first.

  wee eddie 15:10 16 Nov 2005

Clearing the Temp Internet Files in IE.

Defraggging the Local Drive.

and I would recommend making a Restore Point first.

  Dubai Lion 09:05 31 Jul 2006

I cannot download Norton Internet 2006 or SystemWorks. The PC has done this previously without problem but I have been fiddling around with Registry Cleaners, & now problems have arisen. System works, half loads & then stops - NIS was stopping at Pixyl.Dll, but now will not even start to download - nothing at all. I have tried reinstalling, Live update etc. Even LU has problems as it will not download anti-spam & anti virus definitions/updates. Please help

  Sapins 10:24 31 Jul 2006

I have always been a fan of Norton, but, after trying to install Norton System Works 2006 3 times I contacted Symantec and first of all they asked for screen shot when it failed, I sent these and received the following advice.

"Welcome back to Symantec Online Technical Support.

Thank you for mailing us the details.

This issue can happen when the installer files and corrupt registry entires found on your computer. In order resolve this issue , I suggest you to use windows clean up utility to clean corrupt entries in the registry the reinstall windows installer files. After installing windows installer files, please uninstall and reinstall the Norton AntiVirus (NAV) 2006 on your computer.

Please follow the document link provided below to use Windows Installer Clean Up utility.

Title: 'Obtaining the Microsoft Windows Installer CleanUp Utility'
Document ID: 2001091412490807
> Web URL:
click here

Using Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) CleanUp utility, please remove all
entries in the list that begin with the following:


Please follow the steps and document link provided below to uninstall and reinstall once again.

--Run SymNRT.
--Perform a clean boot.
--Start the Windows Even log service
--Reinstall the program.

--Please download the three files mentioned below, to your computer in Normal mode itself.

1. MSIFIX.bat
2. SymNRT.exe
3. SYMMSICLEANUP.reg to your computer

1. Please refer the document link provided below to download the above mentioned file to your computer.

Title: 'Using the Norton uninstall tool: Manual file download'
Document ID: 2006031710323113
> Web URL:
click here

2. To perform a clean boot, please refer the document link provided below:

Title: 'Links to clean boot documents'
Document ID: 2002040815531039
> Web URL:
click here

3. To enable Windows Event Log Service and reinstall the program, please refer the document link provided below:

Title: 'Error: "(9999,171) The installation encountered an error and is unable to continue" when installing your Symantec program'
Document ID: 2005100611361513
> Web URL:
click here

4. Please refer the document link provided below to install Norton AntiVirus 2006, if you have purchased CD.

Title: 'Installing Norton AntiVirus 2006 from the CD'
Document ID: 2005081113010106
> Web URL:
click here

Please let us know if the issue is resolved and if we can be of any further assistance.


Nagaraj A
Symantec Authorized Technical Support."

As I am not confident and don't want to follow all this advice I am returning the software.

I am running Avast AV with no problems and I will try a free firewall.

  njsheightman 20:35 18 Sep 2006

from nsjheightman

- I am in the 4th day of trying to install NIS 2006 from a download.
All looks well including the automatic activation sequence. But I then get a message from the Norton task bar Icon that the software is not activated and I am no longer vrus protected.
I have contacted Norton and await the arrival of their technical advice. Looking at Amazon I notice there are 158 reviews complaining of major problems with NIS 2006 - Amazon are rating
it 1 star - which means do not buy it. I have used Norton versions for 7 years - what on earth have they done with 2006?

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