Installation of card reader

  [email protected] 22:24 30 May 2011

I run WinXP Home with IE8.I have purchased a LOGIK card reader which has a USB cable.I connect the cable to the reader and plug into a USB port.It shows a green light to show connection and should show a flashing green light when transferring data.I put an XD Picture Card into the reader but I can`t get it to transfer data.Can anyone tell me the basic steps I should be taking to make the reader active?

  woodchip 22:32 30 May 2011

First did you put the card in the right way up. look at connections inside the slot. If you did a small windows should pop up on how you want to open photos docs music. to find the drive you can double click my Computer, or Press Win Key with the Flag on it Plus E key, this starts Windows Explorer removable drive letters for different slots down on the left. Make sure when you plug the reader in that Windows loads drivers for it, this should show as a Icon with a Green Arrow near the Clock in System tray

  proudfoot 11:48 31 May 2011

Is the xD card capacity greater than the card reader can cope with. I bought a card reader some years ago to read xD cards when I had a small capacity card, when I bought a much larger xD card I had to buy a new card reader that could cope with the larger capacity cards.

  Covergirl 13:06 31 May 2011

You haven't actually said whether you can view the photos on the card through the reader. I assume not.

When you connected the reader to the PC for the first time, did you get the usual "installing device driver software" or not?

I presume also you do not get the Autorun box when you insert the xD card, in which case I would take the reader back to the shop and ask them to test it.

If that is not possible (e.g. Argos) take it to a friends or a computer shop - just ask them to plug it in to check whether it works for them or not.

(I bought a multi card reader from £land and it didn't work. Not wanting to kick up a fuss over a £, I bought another. I found it was a faulty usb cable supplied with the first one. I too got a light, but no connection to the card.)

  [email protected] 14:30 31 May 2011

Thankyou people for advice and suggestions.Actually when I ran the reader for the first and subsequent times there was no reaction whatsoever.No icon in the System Tray,no indication of drivers being installed and not a photo to be seen. I have now taken it back to the shop and accepted a refund.

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