install xp

  jstaunton 14:56 23 Nov 2003

i have just purchased win xp prof. my oem at the moment is win me, which i installed over win 98.
unfortuneately i did not opt to install the uninstall me option. my question is if i now install xp over the other 2 (98 + me) am i just using loads of space. or should i reformat and start again. (that will be a pain cos of all my files and programs. my system came with a format to new disc (98) should i use this and then install xp. best option please.
cheers, you clever people.

  AubreyS 15:05 23 Nov 2003

If you go to Add and Remove programs, does it give you the option to uninstall ME?

  soy 15:12 23 Nov 2003

Best thing to do is to back-up all your important files onto removable media such as CD-Rs,CD-RWs,Zip,Second hard drive and floppy disk

Then reformat the hard drive and do a clean install of XP. This way, you'll be sure that there won't be any old files from 98 and ME that would conflict and bog down windows XP.

  jstaunton 15:13 23 Nov 2003

no, only win me update

  AubreyS 15:16 23 Nov 2003

If I right click on my desktop (on my pc with me) I have the option of Active desktop.

  jstaunton 15:17 23 Nov 2003

that would mean that i will need all driver infor. can i not use the restore to factory condition which was win 98 and then install xp.
or how about reinstalling me with the uninstall option! then uninstalling me. then installing xp.
i'm so worried i will not remember to back something up

  [email protected] E 15:23 23 Nov 2003

Run the XP compatability test from the xp disk, then print the list and get all drivers req before you install xp

  [email protected] E 15:25 23 Nov 2003

Oh yes? if you run into problems, there are loads of very nice people here who will oblige with help.

[email protected] E

  jstaunton 15:37 23 Nov 2003

right cant do it till next week feeling a little jaded!
watch this space!!

  leo49 15:44 23 Nov 2003

The clean install is always going to be the best long term option.As above,make sure you collect in advance any XP drivers you might need for modem,printer,etc and also ensure you've a copy of the MS Blaster patch and your Firewall program which you should install BEFORE connecting to the internet once XP is installed.

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