Install windows98 on 2nd HDD

  dougalzeb 01:03 24 Jul 2004

I already have XP running on my first HDD but have recently added another hard drive and want to install 98 to this to create a dual boot system. Whenever i try to install 98 it wants to format the hard drive but defaults to the C: drive which contains XP. How do I tell it to use the second drive? The new drive is being recognised fine by both BIOS and WinXP.

  goonerbill 01:44 24 Jul 2004

click here

go to this link and scroll down page till you get to leo49, he has reposted an indepth guide by flecc on how to install win 98 onto a pc with winxp already loaded

  flyingpeterpan 01:53 24 Jul 2004

You have to make the 2nd hdd as the primary on IDE 1 and disconnect the XP hdd then install Win98 as usual then use software such as Boot Magic to perform dualboot.
I would normally install a dualboot system on the same hdd,first make 2 partitions,then install Win98 on the first drive i.e. C Drive then Win XP on the 2nd Drive i.e.D Drive.
When you boot up, you will get the choice of choosing which OS to boot from.
Finally depending on which MOBO you got,if you have the one with SATA drive connection, you can connect one IDE Drive and one SATA Drive to the MOBO ,and then install your choice of OS accordingly, but this way you have to choose which OS to boot from within the BIOS.

  Djohn 01:59 24 Jul 2004

Normally you would install 98SE first then XP to the second drive. This is why your having the problem of reverting to the C drive.

I think you will need to disconnect your XP drive, Fit the new drive and install 98SE from there as though it is the master drive but give it the letter D. once installed return the drive to slave position. [Jumpers on rear] You can then reconnect the C: drive containing XP again.

  Djohn 02:01 24 Jul 2004

You both posted while I was still typing! ;o)

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