install Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10

  collinsc 21:16 15 Jun 2018

Hi I have created lots of WMM projects on my old laptop, which was XP. Ive now upgraded to a new laptop and have windows 10. Ive just notices it doesnt have WMM! From doing a quick search it looks like WMM is a paid version for Win10? Can anyone point me to a free version? can i download an older version for free? i did download version 2.6 which looked to be a very early version with very little functionality. Many thanks!

  collinsc 13:40 16 Jun 2018

ive been able to install movie maker 10 for free now, however it doesnt meet my requirements. i cant create a project for free, and the slide duration is minimum of 3 seconds. any advice on how to get a free, decent version installed appreciated!

  lotvic 15:08 16 Jun 2018

You could try the inbuilt Windows 10 version, it's part of Photos app. I just had a play and has most of the features of the old WMM although are presented in different way. I found a guide on using it on click here

  lotvic 15:22 16 Jun 2018

Update, for suggested free alternatives ( click here

  collinsc 15:31 16 Jun 2018

thanks very much, ill take a look at the inbuilt version first.

  collinsc 17:39 16 Jun 2018

thanks both. ive just tried the inbuilt version in photos app isnt suitable as it doesnt look easy to adjust the sound files you import, theres no way to select all and change the slide duration (have to do it individually) and it resorts the photos into date order, whereas ive renamed the images purposefully to the order i require.

not sure if version 6 gives all that. for now i have downloaded 3 of the alternatives suggested in the link and will try them one at a time over the next few days :) thanks again

  collinsc 19:41 16 Jun 2018

ive tried all 3 and didnt get on with them, so i downloaded v6 from the link rdave13 provided. it meet my needs in terms of adding audio and changing slide duration length. the one issue i am facing is that the images that i have rotated in my file e.g. landscape to portrait are returned back to their original rotation in the WMM window - i cant see how to change the rotation. You'd think that would be an easy fix, but so far i cant locate now to do this!

p.s im not sure why you had to dl a codec pack? ive not needed to thus far.

many thanks

  collinsc 19:47 16 Jun 2018

*looks like this is in "effects". hopefully this should be all i need. thanks to you both!

  mostusefultricks 03:45 28 Aug 2018

I had to get a new PC with Windows 10. Now this package seems to be blocked from loading. When I had retained Windows Live via merely going from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I was OK, but not with a new PC with Windows 10.

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