install windows 98

  NadiaP 16:19 06 Jul 2003

I am experiencing problems in trying to re-install windows on my sons computer. It is a Compaq 486, which ran win95 originally, but I am using 98. I have win98 boot disk and cd rom. All seems ok (ie: fdisk, format) but I cannot get it to "sys c:" it gives out "bad command error" neither can I access config.sys or autoexec.bat files to edit?
If I get into win98 set up screen and select any of the 3 options (ie: install from CDrom, install without cd support, or with cd support) I get error msg: CDR101:Drive not ready, reading drive f" and that is as far as I get.
Two points to mention, (1) I notice all win98 files are in CAB_? form, I dont know if this could be causing a problem?
also (2) when I enter set up, before boot up (ie: F10) the heading "boot order" only allows the option of HARD DRIVE or CD ROM no listing for floppy?

If anybody can possibly throw any 'light on the subject' I would be extremely grateful as I am now totally at a loss as what to do?
Many thanks in advance to anybody offering advice/help - thank you very much!!!

  Lú-tzé 16:28 06 Jul 2003

"all win98 files are in CAB_? form" - is it a Win98 install CD or an OEM system restore disk? If the latter, it is not improbable that it will fail to work.

  Ironman556 16:29 06 Jul 2003

The .cab files are fine, it's juat compressed to fit it all onto the CD.

Did the computer come with a munufacturers CD to re-install 95? I've seen some threads similar to this on the forum, and it seems a standard Win 98 CD won't do, you have to have a Compaq one I think. there may be a way around it though, have you tried searching resolved posts in the help room?

  Lú-tzé 16:29 06 Jul 2003

"it is not improbable that it will fail to work" - too many negatives - sorry.

I think that if it is a restore disk, you will not be able to install it on a PC other than the one it is meant for.

  Philip2 16:31 06 Jul 2003

Why is it looking for info in drive F?? have you go two hard drives?? Can you find the floppy in the bios?? has the floppy drive cable come loose??
or your floppy drive needs replacing.

  Philip2 16:43 06 Jul 2003

Sorry i should have said can you find the floppy drive in the CMOS.Sorry for error.

  keith-236785 16:55 06 Jul 2003

to install windows you would first need to boot into dos by using a win98 setup disk.

insert the startup disk and reboot your computer(if you dont have one, click here and download a windows98 boot disk)

when your computer restarts you should get a menu

1. start computer with cdrom support

2. start computer without cdrom support


option 1 is highlighted by default, if you dont make a choice then it will automatically choose this for you, just wait or press enter to choose option 1.

wait until it has finished loading and you should have a message telling you what letters your cdroms are (i will use F: as an example but you substitute whatever it reports in place of F:)

at the prompt A:> type

F: +press enter

then type

setup +press enter

this should start windows setup loading (with cdrom support), now just follow on screen instructions.

good luck

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