install windows 7

  Rocker 11:55 25 Feb 2011

hi all my pc has windows xp its oem with the oem key on the pc case. is it possable to use windows 7 upgrede with this key as it alot cheaper then the full virsion.thankyou

  onthelimit 11:58 25 Feb 2011

Windows upgrade comes with its own key and is easy to install on a comuter that has an existing genuine OS.

  wiz-king 12:04 25 Feb 2011

You cant upgrade XP to Win 7. You will have to do a new install, you will then need to restore all your documents and programs from disks or memory sticks.

  ventanas 12:04 25 Feb 2011

But you will not be able to upgrade XP, you will have to carry out a clean install, although the upgrade disc will do this. Make sure you back up.

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  Uboat 12:05 25 Feb 2011

Rocker each Os (Opperating System) has its own individual license key & you must NOT let anyone else use them! they are unique to you!

you also cannot use the key from lets say XP to use on Windows 7! if you have W7 you should have its own key in the paperwork..

  Rocker 12:17 25 Feb 2011

thankyou all for your help so if i buy the upgrede version i can do a clean install with it useing the key that comes with the windows 7 upgrede.

  ventanas 12:20 25 Feb 2011

Yep, but at some stage it will probably ask you for the qualifying XP key, which as you say is on the case.

  Rocker 12:24 25 Feb 2011

thankyou so the oem kay thats on the pc case will work when windows ask for it.

  Rocker 13:59 25 Feb 2011

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  onthelimit 15:37 25 Feb 2011

You don't need to buy a key - one will come with Windows 7.

  chub_tor 16:06 25 Feb 2011

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