Install Win98 Updates from CD

  allstar 15:31 20 May 2003


Sorry, I have tried searching the forum but cant find what i am looking for.

I have the updates for Windows 98 saved to CD, but am unsure how to install them from the CD.

Any help much appreciated.

they are self installing ,double click them and they wiil instal, do them in order of date and for the best results reboot after each one (although i realise that its not very good for the machine to do that)

  allstar 16:03 20 May 2003

Thanks for the reply.

Shame there isnt a sinlge program to install them all. I have over 70 to install.

  Brian-336451 16:09 20 May 2003

I've returned to Win98SE on my laptop which by today's standards is ancient. A Pentium 2 with 128Mb RAM and a 233 processor.

I had initially installed and done the windows update with about 60 updates. After the last one was in, the whole machine seemed to run as if in treacle. I de-fragged because that seemed to me a logical reason. Still very slow.

Long story short, I DELTREE'd the \windows directory. I installed Norton Internet Security and Media Player 9 from the updates available and the machine relatively hums along.

Whilst these updates are security patches and the like, if you have a half reasonable firewall/virus checker, most of them are unnecessary and seem to burden the OS.

Oh, I upgraded IE to 6 because NIS couldn't work with the one (5 I think) that was native to the installation CD.

So, my advice is, is it working properly as far as you are concerned? Is it safe? If yes, leave your updates on the CD to be used if it becomes necessary.

Either way, good luck.


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