Install Win 98SE onto USB Drive

  Klof Ron 13:31 06 Sep 2005

I am running Win XP Pro SP2. I have a USB drive connected and my BIOS allows for booting from a USB drive. How do I install Win 98SE to this drive, so I can Run old DOS games and apps. I have to go out for the rest of the afternoon so I will check back later. Please Note I don't want to go down the road of partitioning my 'C' drive, I have PQ PartitionMagic and I know how to do that, I want to run it from the external USB drive. Many thanks in advance for ant help proffered

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:36 06 Sep 2005

As youalready have XP install it won't like you trying to install an older operating system.

Is this a HDD in a caddy or a proper external drive?

If you can remove the drive from the caddy

then remove your XP drive from your PC

fit external drive as master in your PC

and install 98.

Remove and refit in caddy. refit your XP drive

  dave_and_confused 13:37 06 Sep 2005

You can't.

"BIOS allows for booting from a USB drive" Only if the USB drive is set up as a Boot Disk (instead of a floppy disk) It won't load an OS from the USB drive.

  dave_and_confused 13:38 06 Sep 2005

... thouht he said USB PEN drive...... :-)

  Klof Ron 13:40 06 Sep 2005

The hard drive is a spare I fitted into an external case connected via USB, My existing drives are SATA, and the old drive is an EIDE in, as stated, an ordinary external case.

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