install ubuntu, make partition (how to)

  dopeman1992 22:19 12 Mar 2008

hello, i want to install linux, ubuntu. My laptop came with vista pre-installed and i wanted to create a partition so i can install it. (from live CD). I've got a rough idea of how to do it but i want to be sure, because i know if i do something wrong, it could seriously mess things up. thankyou :) dopeman1992

  2neat 22:25 12 Mar 2008

why not just install a virtual pc and run ubuntu in that? click here

  LastChip 22:29 12 Mar 2008

Do you have a Vista recovery (or installation disc) -should things go wrong?

Have you backed up any essential personal data?

If you've taken those precautions, click here for a installation guide I wrote for PCLinuxOS. About a quarter of the way down the page, it deals with partitioning. Although not specifically for Ubuntu, all major Linux distros are pretty much the same.

  woodchip 22:30 12 Mar 2008

Why not use a Live CD. to play with?

click here

click here

  LastChip 23:37 12 Mar 2008

Please keep to the thread, as it gives everyone a chance to respond.

dopeman1992 wrote: "if I just playd around with the live CD, would it have all the features/functions of the OS if I actually installed it"

Yes; albeit at a slower rate than if installed to your hard drive. A computer can read faster from an installed base, than from the CD, but it's a perfectly reasonable way to "get a feel" as to whether you like it or not.

  DieSse 00:55 13 Mar 2008

"if I just playd around with the live CD, would it have all the features/functions of the OS if I actually installed it"

Yes it would - except - it does not store any changes in configuration you make, or any data.

I recommend you to use the new (still pre-release, but functioning very well) version 8.04 (Hardy Heron), as it will be fully released in April, and will be the next release with long term support. Read all about it here

click here

Especially the umenu and wubi sections, as a (non-partitioning method) of installing into a Windows system. Backup first!!!!! as ever.

Also it will contain many new features since 7.10. The new desktop "eye-candy" works "right out of the box" (Compiz Fusion) - does best with an nvidia, Intel, or ATI graphics chip.

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