install programmes on slave?

  frasernet 22:33 08 Mar 2004

i have a 40 gig h/d as a slave to my 20 gig c drive. my question is simple, can i install programmes on my slave, such as the sims etc. without losing performance, is there a reason that all programmes want to install in programme files? many thanks.

  spanneress 22:38 08 Mar 2004

You can locate the programs where you wish, just tell the installation program where you want them to go. It is however, a much better practise to keep your data seperate from your program files..for security, system crash problems etc etc. The speed won't be effected for games running from the slave.


  smudge101 22:55 08 Mar 2004

If your 20G C drive is not big enough then perhaps you could clone it onto your 40G and use the smaller drive for backups and data etc

  Megatyte 23:36 08 Mar 2004

Even though you install to your slave drive, certain files will still go to your system drive.


  Totally-braindead 23:49 08 Mar 2004

As the others have said you can install the programs where you like, if the 40 gig drive is newer than the 20 gig one then it may be faster in which case making it the master and the 20 gig the slave would increase performance. You should be able to find out fairly easily the access times etc for your 2 hard drives from the relevant makers sites. Smudge101s suggestion is a good one anyway.

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