Install OS on Laptop with no CD/DVD drive

  robert22 13:46 25 Jun 2007

I have been given a Dell Latitude C600 laptop and had planned on using this to access internet. Unfortuately the HDD has been wiped of the OS and there is no supplied DVD/CD Drive. I can boot from the internal floppy drive using a win 98 setup disk but need a way of getting the OS files from CD onto the HDD. As soon as I install the OS and connect to network I can pull the rest of the files from my desktop.

  johndrew 13:53 25 Jun 2007

Are you saying the CD ROM drive has been removed from the laptop? If this is the case you may find it easier to identify the item and replace it. You may find the drive spec amongst these click here

  malcolme 14:04 25 Jun 2007

Just had a look on the Dell site a new DVD drive will cost you about £68.93 excl. VAT, shipping. I suggest you shop around your local PC shops and find the cheapest price.

  robert22 15:28 25 Jun 2007

johndrew the laptop has a drive bay which can accomodate a floppy or CD drive and swapped as required.

I have been told that a cable could be used to connect the floppy to the parallel port whilst the CD was installed in the bay. Is there any way of accessing a USB drive when booting from a start up floppy? I could take the Hard drive out and connect it to a desktop to copy the files. May look for a second hand one.

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