Install a new processor.

  Pedro Campos 11:45 11 Nov 2004

I just bought a new processor so that i can upgrade my PC. Now, after installing the processor on its socket do I have to reinstall my operating system or can I just restart the computer as normal?

  Giggle n' Bits 12:03 11 Nov 2004

also what motherboard do you have ?. Which windows do you have ?.
If you are just fitting a CPU as long as its compatible with your Motherboard, its fitted correct & the BIOS has bee adjusted windows will all be ok.
If you had changed things like a Modem, Graphics Card, Sound Card then the drivers for these would change and you would need to clean out/uninstall the older drivers but as its just a cpu windows is plug n play but the BIOS and motherboard must be a match.

  Hudson 12:24 11 Nov 2004

You don't mention re-fitting the heatsink, Pedro - hope you've done that. It's essential.

  Pedro Campos 12:30 11 Nov 2004

before was a Intel Celeron CPU,and a Windows XP Home with SP2. Not really sure which motherboard is but I think that because it was a Intel CPU and the new one is Intel P4 they should fit the same socket, isn't it? Do you think that it will have conflicts with the Memory? at the momoent I have 512mb DDR PC2100, should I change the memory for PC2700 or PC3500?

  Pedro Campos 12:33 11 Nov 2004

I bought the new PCU with the heatsink included so yes I will replace that as well. Thanks

  Belatucadrus 13:40 11 Nov 2004

I've just upgraded an old Cyrix 200 with an Intel 233, other than checking and updating the jumper switches on the mother board to get the speed correct, no extra work required.

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