Install new HDD in laptop

  ronec 12:07 12 Dec 2013

I have a new HDD to install in my laptop. Unfortunately I only have a recovery disc for my Windows 7 OS and of course the new hard drive will not accept it. However I do have a genuine Windows XP OS on disc from an old computer. If I install this, can I then use my Windows 7 recovery to re install that system. If so, how would I get rid of XP once & is installed. Please do not give a too technical answer,as I am not that good at these things.

  lotvic 13:25 12 Dec 2013

Download an official Microsoft .iso of Windows 7 and burn your own installation DVD click here scroll down to the English(USA) Media Refresh (SP1 U) versions as they already have sp1 integrated with W7. Use your own product key that should be on the coa sticker on base of laptop.

You will need to find and download all the Drivers ready to install them as well for your laptop's motherboard chipset and hardware.

May I ask what state your old hard drive is in? is it bootable? it may be possible to restore it back to factory fresh if you tell us what make and model of laptop it is.

If you are wanting to replace it with a bigger harddrive then it also may be possible to clone your existing old one. This would be easiest way.

  ronec 14:15 12 Dec 2013

Thanks lotvic. I need to change my hard drive as it is almost full. It is only a 120GB one, so I purchased a 500GB. My laptop is a six year old Acer Aspire 9302AWSMi, runs a bit hot and rubbish graphics, but I cannot afford to upgrade at the moment. Thanks for the reply

  onthelimit1 15:37 12 Dec 2013

If it's working, easiest option is to buy a cheap caddy to plug into USB port and put the new drive in there. You can then clone old to new with free software. Saves all the hassle of finding drivers etc.

  onthelimit1 15:43 12 Dec 2013

You could use something like this to temporarily connect the new drive. Macrium Reflect link is here is an easy way to clone old to new. Then just replace the old drive in the laptop with the new one.

  ronec 15:53 12 Dec 2013

Yes, I have a caddy, I will look at your suggestion, thanks

  woodchip 15:57 12 Dec 2013

If as you use a caddy as above you could also use Acronis to image or clone the drive to new drive. then switch drives and create a new image to the old drive as a Backup as you do not have a System disc. the above Will be used as a replacement to the system disc

  lotvic 16:22 12 Dec 2013

How to Clone a Laptop Hard Drive Using Macrium Reflect Free (with screenshots) click here

  ronec 16:36 12 Dec 2013

Sorry for the slow reply, I have just downloaded and installed Macrium. I am presuming that when I clone my old hard drive, it will also copy all the junk that cannot be got rid of, so I will have filled my new HD with 100GB of junk, as well as my programs and documents I want.

  onthelimit1 17:02 12 Dec 2013

Then clear out the junk before you clone!

  ronec 17:37 12 Dec 2013

No, I have cleared the junk, it is just the stuff that sits in the background every time you go online or load anything. I have done a Registry clean and got rid of unwanted files etc. My C drive shows 115GB full but I only have about 50GB of programs and no photos. I have also just found my caddy is the wrong fitting, so I cannot clone at the moment anyway.

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