install new hard drive

  pookie 09:10 04 Jun 2003

ecs k7 s5a mobo, 1.9 athlon xp, 512 pc 2100 ddr ram, windows xp home and ti4200 64Mb graphics and 13 Gb 5400 speed harddrive also a 550 watt psu.

Hi guys

I'm getting a new hard drive which I wish to install myself. Many questions but firstly is it possible to install a new hard drive, ie have 2, then move entire contents from the old one to the new one and then take out the old one so I only have the new one with windows and eveything on it. Or would I have to take out old hard drive, add new hard drive and install xp on new disc and re install all programs/software on it.

Or can I have the 2 hard drives installed at the same time but have windows xp on both and then I'll have the choice of on which hard drive to save things. If I did this then how do I get computer to boot from new drive and not old drive as I would mostly use new faster drive.

Are there any xp licensing/registration/activation that I need to be aware off?

Many questions but feel free to inform me of anything I should know but haven't mentioned.

Finally - is this easy to do - I am a beginner.

Many thanks


  pookie 19:30 07 Jun 2003

hi guys

many thanks for the replies and sorry not replied sooner. I had my machine in shop today (another thread) and my new best friend put newharddrive in for me and copied everythimng over to it.

thanks agains


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