install new cd-rw: doing my ***** head in

  pookie 20:42 06 Jun 2003


this is winding me up now.

I bought a new cd rw today. I only had a dvd/cd before which i'm not using now.
I've, as far as i can sae, put the power in the back of cdrw, put sound in and put ide cable that was connected to dvd in. i've also put the plastic thing on as master. so basically i've taken power, audio and ide out of one and put in new one. Bios doesn't see it and windows doesn't detect it. Thing is that power goes to it as the tray opens and closes and light shows put it doesn't read disk.

Please help as what hair I had is comming out

  hugh-265156 20:46 06 Jun 2003

is the ide cable the correct way round?

  hugh-265156 21:00 06 Jun 2003

if using the correct cable,set the jumper to cable select and it will auto set its self to master or slave depending on which part of the cable its connected to.

  pookie 21:20 06 Jun 2003

thanks - I'm adult enogh to admit silly errors so 'yes' the end of ide to mainboard had come out slightly. Thank you. CDRW detects and works.

However, i've lost sound so another silly error - i've probably put audio cable wrong way round. From back of cd rw should it go left to right red black white or white black red. also in soundcard looking down should it go r b w or w b r.

I'm a pratt - i admit it

  hugh-265156 21:30 06 Jun 2003

on the plugs themselves it should be stamped R L and so on no?

  hugh-265156 22:20 06 Jun 2003

the manuals for the sound card and cd drive will/should have instructions.

if connected the wrong way,worst that can happen is objects moving left to right will be right to left or no sound at all.

play something your familiar with to test and then swap connections if not right and try again.

  hugh-265156 22:21 06 Jun 2003

the ide cable will carry sound though.

may not need the extra leads

  pookie 19:55 07 Jun 2003

hi guys and many thanks for replies.

Firstly, many apologies for any offence taken by my title thread and sorry if i crossed any line. no harm was meant - although i was really wound up at the time.

i haven't been any to reply as it got worse. i rebooted after installing nero and got 9 bleeps and a blank screen. at that point i was fuming so decided to call it a night. today i took to local shop and he fixed for me and installed a new hard drive for me (another thread of mine). but i've got home and still 2 problems:
1- no sound still and i have enabled in device manager as suggested. if i try and play any sound, even start up sound, i get nothing. in media player i get a message 'cannot play back the audio stream: no audio hardware is available or the hardware is not responding'

2 - my new mitsubishi pro 750sp monitor goes straight into safe mode and i can't get anything, even post start up screens on to see. i've borrowed a neighbours monitor to type this. any ideas?

many thanks


  Legolas 20:01 07 Jun 2003

MartinT-B spot on

  pookie 19:20 15 Jun 2003

hi guys

just back from hols in france - hence late reply to you.

many thanks for all you help and offers of help.

sound - i took audio cable out and the sound does go through ide cables as you suggested.

monitor - uninstalled driver, restarted and installed the driver again and all is ok

thanks again


  Stuartli 19:47 15 Jun 2003

Cable Select will only work if the proper cables and a mobo capable of using this method is available.

The standard method is to set the rewriter as Master and the CD/DVD-ROM drive as Slave; enable DMA for both and to disable Auto Insert Notification for the CD/DVD-ROM drive (if using Nero) as the software controls its operation.

It does mean having to start audio CDs manually but this is hardly the end of the world....:-)

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