install multiple partitions???

  pete25 11:57 11 Jan 2003
  pete25 11:57 11 Jan 2003

have 2 x 120gb hard drives set up as raid 0, running xp pro, would splitting up the h/d (seen as 1 drive of 240 gb) into several partitions be advisable?????? i.e. putting " My Documents" on D, am intending to use this setup mainly for d/video editing and also vhs transfer to dvd, any thoughts on this???? perhaps each operation/ project into it's own partion????

  [email protected] 12:21 11 Jan 2003

simple yes partition magic is a great help in allowing you to do this but please check & back up your data just in case it wants you to format back to square 1 It may or may not 40G partitions is the usual norm but you decide what you require

  pete25 12:39 11 Jan 2003

i use acronis 5.0, which i already had, not as pretty as partion magic but works fine, but i'm still not sure what advantages, if any , i would get if i install/ use multiple partitions...
ant thoughts please.....

  1st RHA 12:44 11 Jan 2003

keep system files separate and if anything goes wrong you only risk one sector. also defrag etc is faster.

  siarad 12:54 11 Jan 2003

Incorrectly called RAID 0 is in fact datastriping not RAID. Therefore if you split one drive I think the same amount will be lost from the other. I've no real idea what will happen so think you need to read up on this unless someone actually knows.

  siarad 13:08 11 Jan 2003

RAID info @ click here

  pete25 13:54 11 Jan 2003

ok. thanks so far... but what size/how many partitions would you recomend and why??????

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