install impossible

  mushroomeater 05:41 22 Jun 2003

ive installed many times, FDISK, format ect etc, had my share of CDROM driver missing from time to time, the usual Bios changes on Boot sequence changes & minor problems overcome.
However, this has me beat....despite any and all equations considrered, RE OS discs, boot discs, drives, ribbons, (jumpers- as far as my knowledge allows) The PC will not allow me to run 98se as it will blank screen and wont budge if both ROM & HD are connected to MBoard (seperately). However it has no problem if they are powered...only when i connect both Data ribbons,no matter how i configure anything. ive even now changed the 233mhz mmx processor to a K6 pII. I think ive tried every combination.....please help as this was a favour to a friend. The drive is formatted and the ROM is healthy...Processor and PSU fan continuous and boot disc drivers etc adequate. I'm Beat!...aahhrrgghh!.......Simon

  howard60 07:54 22 Jun 2003

do they work on the same cable? [master/slave] if so it is a cable mismatch problem - the ribbon cables are not all the same. The compaq deskpros are most prone to this.

  keith-236785 10:08 22 Jun 2003

try removing all jumpers from the hard drive and cdrom and try again, if not then select cable select on both drives and try again.

both on same cable

are you sure the cable is ok?

good luck

  Bodi 10:57 22 Jun 2003

Doesn't this machine have its own "install CD"? Only mention this as I've just binned an old Pentium 233MMX Presario - apart other problems (repairable methinks) there were no install disks and the thing just wouldn't run.

Maybe not your problem, but...........


  mushroomeater 11:12 22 Jun 2003

much appreciated, my friend coincidentally, has 3 machines an identical predicament!..ALL ideas welcomed by the way, I must admit, after a grand total of something like 25-30 hrs or so (if nothing else i'm persistant), tryin to fathom this inconsistant & fustrating problem, I do remember doing both of those things before i started digging into some troubleshooting books......But saying that, I'm gonna re-try both those situations as I'm half way brain fried, OCD & out of ideas. I may have a clue, I just noticed that when it does its 'all powered up but kinda 'frozen' I noticed that the 3 keyboard lights are on at half their brightness, could this be power related? simon

  jazzypop 12:30 22 Jun 2003

The most comprehensive troubleshooter that I have found online - click here

Equally important - walk away for a day or two. Either the solution will hit you when you are least expecting it, or at least you will be calmer and thinking more clearly when you go back to it.

Trying to fix anything in your current state of mind is pretty pointless.

  BobG65 12:49 22 Jun 2003

Did youreally mean to say "my friend coincidentally, has 3 machines an identical predicament!..". If this is so and they have all worked in the past I would suspect a) a programm he has installed on all three has damaged win 98 or a virus has been introduced which has done the same thing (assuming they go online).

Hope this may help.

  mushroomeater 05:11 24 Jun 2003

Thanks for the tips people, genuinely, I really appreciate it. The virus tip was a goodun, it was my 1st thought as I'm better with that side of things!
Well, I got a little further (kinda).
I opened up another machine, same spec & age, and used the CD ROM & HD cable+jumpers, (both on the same ribbon, same formation).
The 'problem PC' responded & all was fully functional. Well,(As I'm sure you've guessed) my knowledge is limited, but even I could see (jumpers & Master/Slave etc)i hadnt got the right combination. I replaced the old HD, kept all settings, but now the machine wont 'find' the HD!....I know this is a more common problem, but anybody know what my next best move is? At least I can tell my friend her PC isnt dead...(yet)! do I now aid it finding the Hard drive? Ive done the seemingly obvious- bios config 'auto', check connections, the HD itself is ok too.

  mushroomeater 05:23 24 Jun 2003

Jazzypop, wise words fella!...& true, but I only had the weekend to do this...Thanks for the link, I'm about to check it out.
Yes Bob, my friends answer may well be virus orientated, he had so many bits & pieces mounting up that it was enough to make up 3 machines, so 50-50, if he's used the same boot disc on all 3, maybe. If not it'll be similar to my situation. Thanks, Ive never asked a helproom before, You're all kind to help. I'll do the very same at first chance.

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