Install Iiyama LCD on Windows 98 PC problem

  Assassin 09:27 07 Aug 2003

Does anyone know why I'm having problems installing new Iiyama LCD AS4637 UT ABK LCD monitor to my Windows 98SE desktop? I have downloaded and installed drivers from Iiyama website. But when I boot with new screen connected system refuses to start, grinding slowly to halt with "no operating system detected". When I re-attach old CRT system boots fine. New LCD works fine when attached to Win 98 laptop which detected new hardware and loaded drivers after first boot. Am running Win 98SE on Gateway 750 with 512MB RAM and Nvidia Riva TNT2 graphics card. Will updating graphics card drivers help?

Puzzled Ray

  xania 10:41 07 Aug 2003

The only point of difference is your graphics card. You should never skimp on upgrading your drivers in any case, so I suggets you try this first. However, you may also find that your existing setup is upsetting the new drivers. Reset your system to the basic (smallest) colours and screen area and try from there.

  Assassin 11:03 07 Aug 2003

Xania - thanks for the help. Is now working fine. It's glorious.


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