Install Go Back

  Smarty72 10:22 25 Jan 2003

When I try to install Roxio Go Basck it will not let me. Error Message appears.
I use windows 98 (2nd Edition(
Can anyone solve this problem for me please.
Thanking you in anticipation.
[email protected]

  MichelleC 10:41 25 Jan 2003

If you've got Norton's it may be conflict.

  -pops- 12:45 25 Jan 2003

MichelleC is dead right. GoBack caused me huge problems when I tried to install Norton with is necessitating a complete re-install of everything. I will not let GoBack or Norton anywhere near my computers now.

What operating system are you using? If ME or XP you don't need go back as you can use System Restore which does more or less the same thing.


  JGAULD 14:20 25 Jan 2003

Here is a link to roxio's web site knowledgebase search engine, this should give you some idea's on how to resolve this issue.

click here

I would say that GoBack works best when installed on a fresh/formatted drive, but it should still install all the same.

Run scan disk then defrag then before you install
try ctrl/alt/delete close background programs and close everthing except explorer and sistray, then try installing, or try running while in safe mode.

Hope u crack it, GoBack is a very handy prog.

  Border View 16:20 25 Jan 2003

I wouldnt be without GoBack. I have Windows 98SE and GoBack has saved my bacon many, many times. My computer came with GoBack and problems did develop when I tried using Norton (same thing with McAvee). I now use AVG and, touch wood, everything is aok.

  TBH1 12:54 27 Jan 2003

I'm with Barmoor here, use w98se and would not be without GoBack

  MichelleC 13:40 27 Jan 2003

What is so irritating is on Norton's System Works 2003 GoBack is one of it's utilities!!!

  Audeal 15:43 27 Jan 2003

I am not sure what GoBack is used for, but correct me if I am wrong when I say that it sounds like a program that returns your computer to a state before an error was encountered. If this is correct then if GoBack is installed and later you install another program, then surley this program would be lost if GoBack is used to return you to a previous state. (Where can I obtain GoBack from.)

  TBH1 17:00 27 Jan 2003

Audeal - you have got it right . If you do install a program and 'screw' things up to such an extent that the uninstal doesn't work, you can revert your system to a point before installing said program. I believe ROXIO are the company making this though probably obsolete beyonf w98se as OS's appear to have their own version. When installing GoBack, you have the option to define how much space you want to allocate to it, it defaults to 10% of your HD I think - the more thats allocated the more 'safe points' there are.

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