install extra optical drive

  hvs 18:35 24 Nov 2007

I have an Acer T135 pc. It has a dvd writer/rewriter. I decided to add my plextor cdr/rw as an extra optical drive for convenience sake from my old pc which i am trashing. All is well but I have not connected it correctly because under device manage my dvd does not show anymore only the plextor cdr/rw. How do I connect the cables? Also should the dvd remain as master and should I make the plextor, slave?

  SANTOS7 18:48 24 Nov 2007

Adding an Extra Drive to an Older PC
One Cable - Two Drives/ Defining the Master and Slave Relationship
Unfortunately, this process often requires a bit more technology than merely plugging in. Older PCs use parallel ATA technology - 2 drives share one cable (known as a channel, and most PCs come with at least two IDE channels for a maximum of 4 drives. Setting a jumper designates each drive as either a master or a slave, which permits a single cable to connect two drives to one IDE channel. The jumper settings for each designation are usually labeled on the drive itself. A few simple rules should guide your configuration choices. If possible, each drive should sit on its own IDE channel configured as a master drive. If you have two drives on one channel always make the faster drive the master drive. For example, suppose that you wanted to add a second hard drive and a DVD burner to a PC equipped with one hard drive and one CD-RW drive. IN that case, you would want to set the new ,f aster hard drive as master on the primary IDE channel. Your older hard drive should be the slave drive on the primary channel, with the two optical drives as master and slave on the secondary channel.

  SANTOS7 18:49 24 Nov 2007

simple terms, make the faster drive MASTER...

  MAJ 18:52 24 Nov 2007

Make sure to set the jumper on the back of the faster drive to Master and the jumper on the slower driver, to Slave. Connect the Master to the end socket of the ribbon cable and the Slave to the centre connection on the ribbon cable.

  DieSse 20:15 24 Nov 2007

It doesn't actually matter where you put two drives on a cable - the jumpers when set to Master and Slave are the only thing that defines which is which.

It doesn't matter whether the faster drive is on the end or the centre connector - modern systems have independant timing for each drive.

What really does matter is that you do set the jumper on one drive to Master and the other to Slave.

It's also true that some drives are fussier than others about whether they are set to Master or Slave - so if they don't work one way round, try them the other way round.

  hvs 15:43 25 Nov 2007

I have solved the problem and what I did was connect the cd writer on its own cable.
Thanks for the help from everyone.

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