Install Bluetooth on HP desktop if poss

  tonyx1302 11:41 11 Jan 2018

Good morning. I would like to make my HP desktop PC(18 months old approx)have a Bluetooth facility if possible....but idiot proof to install please!! I listen to Radio 4/Classic through an Anker Soundcore speaker via my iPad with great success but would love convert my PC to Bluetooth. I have checked Google who say that I need a dongle but which one and how do I pair it with my pc as I cannot find a 'setting' menu on my desktop. Any help would be gratefully received but please bare in mind my pc knowledge is very limited Thank you


  alanrwood 11:56 11 Jan 2018

Go to eBay and get one of the small USB dongles.

The pairing is done on your PC when you plug it in. Don't buy the cheapest but look for the latest Bluetooth version supported.

  tonyx1302 12:29 11 Jan 2018

Many thank alanrwood I will check out eBay as you suggest Tony

  alanrwood 13:18 11 Jan 2018

Look for Bluetooth Version 4 (backwards compatible). Cost around £2-5

  tonyx1302 13:51 11 Jan 2018

Thank you again alanrwood but what does 'backwards compatible' mean please before I go ahead and order one? Tony

  tonyx1302 12:38 12 Jan 2018

Hello alanrwood. I brought a Bluetooth dongle as you suggested and it arrived this morning. Just plugged it in and Eureka !!! Works brilliantly and with no installation problems. Many thanks Tony

  alanrwood 12:59 12 Jan 2018

Glad it was successful. Just for the record "backward compatible" means it also works with Bluetooth devices using previous versions of the Bluetooth software ie V2, 3.

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