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  zebbydog 10:41 22 May 2004

I have backed up drive C win xp os to a usb external hd with Acronis trueimage delux and when i try to restore it says cannot because drive C is in use and says close programs or reboot. When i click reboot a box says "Failed to write to the sector 0 of the hard disk 1"

Then it just reboots as normal.

Can anybody help me to resore my back up please.

  zebbydog 11:38 22 May 2004


  anchor 12:34 22 May 2004

I have not used Acronis so cannot really help, except to suggest sending an e-mail to

[email protected]

  Diodorus Siculus 12:36 22 May 2004

I don't use this program, but for Norton Ghost, one needs to start with a floppy disk if one is going to overwrite the bootdisk (otherwise it is in use).

Do you have a second partition to which you can copy the image and load from there?

  anchor 12:36 22 May 2004

Sorry, the e-mail address should be:

[email protected]

See this page

click here

  rawprawn 14:06 22 May 2004

When you open Acronis, and click restore, doesn't it ask you where you want to restore from ?. I know it's a bit late in your case but the most efficient and reliable wat is to use Acronis Secure Zone that way you can restore by hitting F11 on boot. I use both methods but with no problems. You are probably better off contacting Acronis as anchor suggests.

  rawprawn 14:11 22 May 2004

Just to clarify,when you open Acronis Restore Image make sure that the HD that you have stored the backup on is shown in the right hand pane.If it isn't scroll through the left pane until you find it and click on it. I think you may be trying to restore from Secure Zone which is not there, because you haven't made one.I hope this helps.

  zebbydog 16:36 22 May 2004

Have tried all above will not work.
Norton ghost will not reconise usb storage device says it might want new drivers but is nearly new.

Any other back up software i can try to use with a usb external drive western d 80gb

  Diodorus Siculus 16:49 22 May 2004

I would suggest that you create a second partition on the hdd if possible; then copy the image to the second paritition and try to load it.

  zebbydog 16:50 22 May 2004

When i try to install backup it goes through all the motions but when it reboots it says in bottom left corner Acronis is loading then the screen goes black and nothing else happens any ideas please

  zebbydog 16:52 22 May 2004

Not enough room for second partition. thanks for reply

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