Install 2nd HDD

  kat64 14:25 29 Apr 2010

Hi, I have a packard Bell pc with Windows 7 Pro installed on the Hard drive. Can I install the Hard drive from my old pc as it contains XP pro Operating system.
I would like to have a choice of which OS to use when I boot up if possible.

any avice please
Kind Regards

  Zeppelyn 15:40 29 Apr 2010

Possibly but your XP will have all the chipset drivers etc installed for your old PC which will prevent it booting properly as there will be a mismatch with new Packard Bell. Two options :-

Boot up the old PC and completely uninstall all chipset, graphics, network etc drivers and shut down. Install Disk to new PC then download EasyBCD click here on the new PC and add XP to boot menu. Install disk and see if XP boots. It might and it might not, I have been successful with this method in the past.

Or install the disk and do a repair install of XP.

You really should have the retail version of XP for this to be legit.

  retep888 15:40 29 Apr 2010

It won't work because of different hardwares and drivers conflicts.

Even though if you have the XP installation disk and can do a repair installation but if it's an OEM then the licence was tied to your old PC.

  Rahere 16:05 29 Apr 2010

see here click here

  kat64 20:12 29 Apr 2010

Many thanks guys for your info.
I am sure the answer to my query is in your answers. Incidentally I have the installation disks for both XP and Win 7.

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