Instaling Win 98

  Ex plorer 13:34 08 Oct 2006

Hi I spent most of yesterday and today tring to instll Win98SE.
This is a Clean install.
I have found advice on the net and hear but I cant get 98 setup.
I use Start with CD Support
When I put the Win 98SE boot disk in I get at the start No Drivers Found Aborting Instalation,
and then it continues to load start up files.
At the A: I change to the C: and
Type md win98 Enter
Type cd win98 Enter
Put the win 98 in the CD Rom
Type copy d:\win98 Enter
and Setup and Enter.

I get Bad command or file name.

and boot is CD first

  Diodorus Siculus 13:50 08 Oct 2006

click here for a bootable floppy.
Then Windows 98 install from CD
click here

  Ex plorer 14:09 08 Oct 2006

I am using Win98 disk to start off.
Sorry if I didnt make it clear I formated the
drive using fdisk and I have Fat32 and its set active
I have tried d:\setup exe.
I got the boot disk I am using from this site WIN98 OME.

  Ashrich 00:05 09 Oct 2006

If you have a useable boot disk , surely you can type " setup.exe " from the A prompt without having to change directories .


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