Instaling Win 95 from fdisk

  Ex plorer 16:42 05 Nov 2005

Hi I have an old PC the hard drive was wiped clean. (I have many old PCs)
I reformatted it some time ago with a Windows 98 disk.
I would now like to install Windows 95 onto it.
I have booted it up with a floppy 95 typed in fdisk and got to the first page but I am unsure where to go from there.
Dose any one know of a page on the net where it gives instructions.


  Diemmess 17:20 05 Nov 2005

If you have that 98 boot disk and the HD has not been partitioned, you can type FORMAT C: instead of FDISK.

Whether the 98 floppy will be OK to "introduce" the 95 installation from its CD .... remains to be seen, but you can try it you wont break anything!

  woodchip 17:34 05 Nov 2005

The problem you may have is the CD drive may not be supported by the Win98se floppy disc, It supports more than the Win95. So you may need to connect another drive temporary. to get it to work with the drivers on the Floppy. You could also try this as a Easy way to load the OS. click here You have to use a Windows 98 or WinME to create the disc it will not work if created on a XP computer, Put clean floppy in comp and double click the File after you have downloaded it. There are CD rom drivers on the Floppy it creates. You also need the OS KEY

  Ex plorer 17:50 05 Nov 2005

Hi tried A:\>format:c format not correct - :c

A:\>FORMAT :c format not correct - :c

A:\> format:c required parameter missing- :c

A:\>format:/c invalid switch

A:\>format:\c bad command or file name

BeLa the screens are different to what I have.
When I formatted my drive I am sure its as your Click Here was.

  Ex plorer 18:41 05 Nov 2005

ok will start from scratch and get back later thanks for addvice.
Ok sharpamatt will look back in forum files.
may see you all tommorow.


  woodchip 18:46 05 Nov 2005

Start with 98 floppy disc at A:\> type

FORMAT C: then just follow through to the End, you do not need to put a Volume name at the End just press enter. Shut computer of and start with the Boot disc from the link above

  Ex plorer 21:56 06 Nov 2005

Hi yes I am back, I have tried all advice.
I followed, the following instructions on one PC at
click here FORMAT_A_HARDDRIVE.htm.

The CD will not operate on the final commands No 32, I put a newish CD Rom in place of the other which is only four years old a 48x read write CD ROM still no response.

This is what I have on one the PC.
Partition. 1 / Status. A / Type. / Pri. Dos / volume. / MB. 4103 / System. Fat 32 / Usage. 100% Primary Dos Partition Already Exists.

The ultimate Disk Failed on both PCs to boot. Boots ok with Win 98SE Win 95b.

Don’t want to confuse things.
But I tried windows 3.11 and it booted in at the A prompt strange thing is it should be a:/setup no way would it start then I tried a:setup and it booted up trouble is it just started to load files and then I got Error 214.
I have had a look on the net and it seems to be a common failing but no one has the answer as yet.


  woodchip 22:01 06 Nov 2005

The ultimate Disk Failed on both PCs to boot. Boots ok with Win 98SE Win 95b. I cannot understand that part. as I thought you was trying to load Win98se now you say it will, willnot work,

  Ex plorer 23:02 06 Nov 2005

Tried down loading the ultimate twice but had no luck with it booting up. Just tried it again.

How come the short cut goes to a different page if you type in the following in Yahoo its the third title down.
HOW TO FORMAT_A_HARDDRIVE it comes up with how to do just that.

The CD wont kick in when its suposed to I have tried 95 and 98SE both wih Diferent CD Roms.
they do work as you can hear them.

I have tried a fresh HD swaped them round also all new cabling.

I even bought a Post Card to test out with but after looking at the operating instructions it may end up on eBay.

will be back.

  Diemmess 11:02 07 Nov 2005

You might be able to shortcut CDROM recognition.

Boot with the 98 floppy in A: (accept CDROM support)

At the A:> prompt, type c: and enter

At the C:> prompt type md c:\win95 and enter

Now at the C:> type CD win95 and enter

The prompt should now show C:\win95 >

Pop the 95 CD in the slot and type copy D:\win95.
This should copy all the installation files from the CD to your HDisk.

At the C:\win95> prompt type setup and enter.

With luck and a following wind this should install straight from the HD, with the added bonus of having all the files needed already there without further reference to the CDROM.

This method assumes that your C: (HD) has at this stage no data on it, and that D: after booting from the 98 floppy, is recognised as your CD drive.
You can check that it is by typing dir D: which I expect to show you the contents of whatever is in the CDROM drive.

  woodchip 12:02 07 Nov 2005

To find the Drive you have your Win98 CD in type a letter like E: press enter then Type DIR to see if you can see the Win98 folder. If not try another letter like F:

When you can see the Folder you just type Setup

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