instaling hdd ata type -any likely problems?

  holly polly 22:22 08 Sep 2003

hi in the process of instaling new hdd maxtor ata133 diamondmax9 80 gig ,my old hdd is a samsung 40 gig am i likely to have any problems swapping the hdds over? ie will the ide cable off the old hdd plug straight into the back of the maxtor my mobo has no ata ports it is a gigabyte ga-7ixe i have allready done a bios upgrade in preperation for the new hdd .
this is the procedure i am going to do -
remove old hdd ,fit maxtor in hdd bay set as master connect ide ribbon cable and power plug ,boot up and auto detect new hdd in bios ,use maxtors maxblast software to set partition and format the drive ,install windows -is the pin configuration ,for the ide cable the same on the new maxtor drive ?does it matter that it is a ata hdd?-any problems noted and any suggestions would be greatfully recieved ,cheers-hol pol...

  MAJ 22:30 08 Sep 2003

You shouldn't have any problems installing it holly polly. But make sure the IDE ribbon cable is an 80-wire cable, if it's only 40-wire you wont get the full 133 speed from your new drive.

  holly polly 22:35 08 Sep 2003

i wont get full speed anyhow as mobo only supports ata upto 66 why have 80 wire and 40 wire cables then?,and if my new hdd comes with a 80 wire cable can i plug it straight into the relavent ide slot ,cheers -hol pol...

  holly polly 22:53 08 Sep 2003

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  Ironman556 23:25 08 Sep 2003

40 wire cables came out with the 66 drives, but with the 133 drives a new cable/port was required to transfer the extra data. If your mobo only does 66, then keep the current cable.

  holly polly 02:37 09 Sep 2003

thanks ironmam and maj for the postings just as i thought -cheers-hol pol....

  Djohn 02:43 09 Sep 2003

The difference you may notice with the new diamondmax 9 drive is, silence. They are whisper quiet in operation. j :o)

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