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Instagram - How do I save a picture

  wee eddie 12:12 05 Mar 2019

It's been bugging me for years but I have never really wanted to save one that much. Now I do.

I can Right click and it allows me to print it. but I can't find a "Save" anywhere

  Forum Editor 22:49 11 Apr 2019

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  lotvic 00:04 12 Apr 2019

This 'over a month old' answered thread has been dragged up by a first time poster Anatoliy Soloshenko 13:53 11 Apr 2019 whose post doesn't make much sense and I suspect could be a set-up for spam.

  bizdownloader 19:42 12 Aug 2019

Download Instagram Videos and Photos for free

  john bunyan 20:07 12 Aug 2019

**wee eddie “

No doubt you’ll report bizdiwnloader!

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