Instagram - How do I save a picture

  wee eddie 12:12 05 Mar 2019

It's been bugging me for years but I have never really wanted to save one that much. Now I do.

I can Right click and it allows me to print it. but I can't find a "Save" anywhere

  Peter~24 12:53 05 Mar 2019

wee eddie,

I am not an Instagram user, but as you have a print option off the Right Click, would Print to PDF be a possible solution to your problem?


  Menzie 13:12 05 Mar 2019

If you're viewing on your phone or tablet there are apps available that can download the photos.

I've used iSave Pro in the past. I cannot fully vouch for the free version which appears functionally the same but with ads. It will get the photos but the ads might be annoying.

  wee eddie 14:01 05 Mar 2019

Peter thanks - Tried that, not an Option available

  lotvic 14:14 05 Mar 2019

Get the url of the pic from the 'markup' then use 'save as'. Full instructions click here

  wee eddie 16:39 05 Mar 2019

Mind focused. I've found a Work Around

Select All > Copy > open Word > Paste > select the desired picture > select Save As. The Word document is large but as you do not plan to save it, that's no matter

  john bunyan 18:14 05 Mar 2019

Why not save in Paint?

  wee eddie 20:18 05 Mar 2019

How would I get it from Instagram to Paint. Paint appears to have no way of importing other than "paste"

If there was any way of Copying it, in Instagram, I wouldn't have the problem

  Anatoliy Soloshenko 13:53 11 Apr 2019

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  Al94 18:09 11 Apr 2019

Here's how I do it. Get the url of the photo and paste it into here You can then save the image.

  Al94 18:19 11 Apr 2019

Sorry. No idea what went wrong with that link to downloadgram

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