Inspiron wont startup

  Victoria 11:50 16 Jun 2010

I have a Dell 6400 inspiron with Vista. When I switch it on on the 3 lights to the left of the powere button give the impression that they are doing something and then it all just goes off - no lights at all. nothing has appeared on the screen during this time- I then press the pwer button again (in case it has just gonme to sleep ) but the same thing happens. help please

  onthelimit 11:54 16 Jun 2010

Is this with mains on, or just with battery?

  onthelimit 12:14 16 Jun 2010

Check the battery status light click here with the mains adaptor in, as it sounds to me as though the battery may not be charging (duff adaptor or problem with the socket on the laptop.).

  woodchip 14:08 16 Jun 2010

remove the battery and try it just on mains, if that does not work, remove the hard drive from bottom of pc then see if it will boot to show anything

  Victoria 14:30 16 Jun 2010

first - its a 640m sorry not a 6400

when I switch it on the mains light in hinge on right comes on and also the battery light.
Of the three "padlock" icons in the section next to the keyboard on/off switch at top, the far left stays on all the time while the other two blink. After about 20seconds all lights go off
the mains adaptor is plugged in and the light on the transformer is showing.

I have tried removing battery - no difference
how do I remove the hard drive

  woodchip 16:05 16 Jun 2010

Under a Plat at the bottom of Laptop most likely two screws, it could also be on one of the edges

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