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  advancefeatures 11:12 16 Jan 2010

My previous computer worked with Windows XP. It had "My Computer" in which I filed a saved message. When accessed a line asked if I wanted to insert it into an email - which I did.
I now operate Windows 7 and there doesn't seem to be a similar facility????? Can you Help. I want to send out a promotion message to magazines with just my Advance Features details, not the ones on the saved email

  Forum Editor 11:50 16 Jan 2010

to 'My Computer' because it isn't a location - it's simply a graphical representation of the hardware locations to which you can save data.

I think that you probably saved the file to a folder in 'My documents', and you can attach it to an email in Windows 7 in just the same way.

Compose your email, and then look for the 'attach' icon in your email software - it usually takes the form of a paper clip. Click the icon, and then use the browsing window that will open to locate the file you want. Click on the file and then click on 'open' at the bottom right of the box - the file will be attached to your email, you'll see an icon for it appear there.

  advancefeatures 15:11 16 Jan 2010

Thanks for the advice but it still doesn't work. I was sent a cartoon plus text built into an email which I put into Saved EMail. I now wish to send it on without the information of the original sender but with my email details etc. It used to be easy with Windows XP. Would appreciate any further advice.

  alB 15:18 16 Jan 2010

On the original e-mail can you not just forward that having first deleted the information you don't wish to send on ? ...alB

  Sea Urchin 15:34 16 Jan 2010

Which email client are you using? As alB says you should be able to forward it, and then edit the page before sending.

  PalaeoBill 15:38 16 Jan 2010

I'm guessing that you were accessing your "My Documents" file folder under the "Files Stored on this Computer" section of "My Computer" (which I think is what the FE was driving at).
You then right click on a file and select "Send To" and then "Mail Recipient".

If this is what you want to do in Win7, then try here:
click here

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