inserting trext in dreamweaver!

  mco 20:16 22 May 2006

the most basic question of all has stumped me in my quest to progress to dreamweaver! I can insert it exactly where I want if I make a layer (like a text box in other programs) but have been told that's not the way to do it. If I just type it straight onto the page it doesn't go where I want - how do I type it straight onto the page and still get it where I want it to be?

  ade.h 21:29 22 May 2006

I can't answer your question, but you're convincing me to stick with NOF! Although even that has foxed me now and no-one seems able to provide the answer!

  mco 23:05 22 May 2006

You must be very frustrated having a problem and you post it here and you can't get an answer! I've seen your posts below and they all go completely over my head (databases - ugh! )Surely someone must know? As for me, it's one of those 'I have to do it because it's there' things - and very challenging it is too!

  harristweed 09:05 23 May 2006

If you need to position text, a layer (div) IS one way to do it! You can then set the position and do other things using CSS. You can also position other html tags (p, ul, h1 etc.)

As far as I am aware, there are only two ways to position text. 1. Using tables. This is now regarded as inferior to using 2. CSS.

To see what you can achive using CSS (and dreamweaver) click here

  RicScott 10:01 23 May 2006

All you have to do is click and type..Unless you are typing into tables, then you have to set your aligns up. (left and top etc)..
If your trying to type around an image, don't forget in use the vspace and hspace..

Check to see if your text format is set to anything but none, none is the default.

  mco 11:37 23 May 2006

yes- one of the issues is typing next to a photo. I really need to get to grips with CSS, I think.

  AndySD 17:03 23 May 2006

Style Master click here may help you learning CSS there is a 30 day trial and some ecxelent tutorials. click here

  mco 18:33 23 May 2006

will download that. In the meantime, I've more or less worked out the text thing so will tick this as (provisionally ) resolved.

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