Inserting pictures into a Word document

  Kudu 22:48 05 Nov 2003

I have a word document of 51 KB and 3 pictures each of 317,318,325 KB. After inserting the pictures my document becomes 4873 KB. I deleted all the pics and noticed that after adding the first pic instead of my doc becoming 368 KB (doc + pic)it showed 1612 KB and the document size increased by a similar amount after each pic was added until, after adding all 3 pics the doc showed 4873 KB. I am at a loss to understand why this should happen when my completed doc should only be 1+ KB. Any ideas?

  VoG II 22:52 05 Nov 2003

Word records all sorts of things that can increase the file size.

Try opening the document in Notepad and you will be amazed (probably).

  bliksem 07:35 06 Nov 2003

Dag se !

Yes word adds loads of tags (like html) to indicate that you are inserting pictures etc. This applies to all formatting as well.


  Megatyte 08:20 06 Nov 2003

Where did you get the figure of 317,318,325 KB?

Even in bytes instead of KB it's 317 MB


  User-312386 08:25 06 Nov 2003

309881.177 kilobytes (abbreviated as Kb or kb or KB)

302.6183 megabytes (abbreviated as M or MB)

0.29553 gigabytes (abbreviated as G or GB)

0.000289 terabytes

there you go

all expalined now

  Kudu 09:18 06 Nov 2003

Sorry about confusion,my wife posted this thread and i only found out about it today.She is in making up a small monthly newsletter which is normally about 1MB and this one contains 3 pictures each approx. 320Kb and 50Kb of text.The first one she did was 24MB, she tried again and it came out at nearly 5MB and when she emails it,it causes havoc with the email on the recipients computer.

My computer is free from viruses etc. so she must be doing something wrong.I,ll make up a list of abbreviations for her (MB,KB etc.)

  User-312386 23:43 06 Nov 2003

Ah i see

what she has to do is re-size the pictures and copy and paste them

  woodchip 23:51 06 Nov 2003

Get WordPerfect you will soon see a difference in file sizes. and it handles Office files

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