Inserting pictures in Word 2000

  Dobba 18:31 28 Nov 2007

I use Word 2000 (Only because I don't like the later versions) and it works fine. However, when I try to create a new template, I have trouble in inserting a picture (From a CD of images). Using header & footer, I go into "Header", type in my text (name, address etc) then "Insert" and navigate to the image I want to use. This appears in the header o.k., and I can reduce it in size, but what I can't do it to drag the image to where I want to position it in the header. It stubbornly wants to remain in the same place. There is obviously a way to do this but I haven't stumbled across it.
Also, I can find no way of reversing the image so that I can have one looking left and one looking right.
Can anyone help, please.

  MAJ 18:36 28 Nov 2007

Try putting it in a text box in the Header.

  I am Spartacus 18:49 28 Nov 2007

Insert a 1 row, 3 column table in the header. to get a picture either side (columns 1 & 3).

Use a program like PaintShop Pro or similar to reverse a picture.

  GroupFC 21:41 28 Nov 2007

The way I have just done it is as follows:-

first go >View>Header & footer and then Insert>picture and navigate to where the picture is.
Once you have got the picture in the header right click and select "format picture". In the dialogue box that opens go to the layout tab and select anything other than "in line with text" and this will activate the "horizontal alignment" and if you select "other" it will enable you t to position the picture as you wish.

Having said all that you might want to use the table idea, as that way you will have the pictures properly aligned.

To reverse the picture you will need a photo editor. I used Serif Photoplus 6 (free from click here)

Trust me, it takes longer to type and read than it does to do!


  windsock 22:06 28 Nov 2007

not sure if this is right
but if you right click on picture and select format ,then select layout then select in front of text.

  windsock 22:08 28 Nov 2007

too slow

  GroupFC 07:00 29 Nov 2007

Never mind!

  Batch 11:55 29 Nov 2007

Go to Help and on the Index tab search for "Anchor" and read the through the various items listed.

  griffon56 14:20 29 Nov 2007

Do you need to use Headers and Footers, etc, to create a template?

In an ordinary Word Document it is possible to Insert a photo, then Format - Picture - Wrapping, and set the margin around the photo, or at preferred sides, to exclude print. It is then possible to put the photo anywhere you want it and the text will flow around it.

You'd need a photo editor to reverse the photo tho'. I don't know whether the free GIMP or Picasa editors do, but, as already advised, the free Serif PhotoPlus6 does.

  yaesu 15:42 29 Nov 2007

Hi, don't know about Word 2000 but you can flip a picture in Word 2003 without the aid of a photo editor. It'd be easier to search help for rotate or flip picture than to describe it here! It's not difficult.
Regards, yaesu

  johnnyrocker 15:44 29 Nov 2007

click here ?


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